Tesla Model 3: versions, autonomy, performance and prices in the US

Elon Musk has handed over to its new owner the first Model 3 that has come out of the factory. During the event, the CEO of Tesla has taken the opportunity to reveal the official data of his saloon new media: there will be two versions, and as usual in the models of the brand, they have some impressive figures of autonomy and acceleration.

in Addition to the numbers of the Model 3, Musk also mentioned his plans of to accelerate exponentially the manufacturing of cars during the next year and a half. In the month of August expected to complete 100 units, in September this figure will increase up to 1,500, and in December it will be 20,000 a month for the Model 3 they leave the factory. Your ultimate goal is to get the half a million cars finished the year.

This increase of production is due to the great reception that has had the Model 3 and the promise that Musk did to their customers: “If you reserve a car today, what you will receive before the end of 2018”. Since Tesla began accepting orders for the Model 3 have already been 500,000 units in charge. The american company has injected another billion euros (about 850 million euros) to help the production and alleviate the financial risk, which has led to an increase in the value of their actions.

official Data from the Tesla Model 3

Musk has also confirmed that the Model 3 will have two versions with performance and autonomy different. The most basic costs $ 35,000 (almost € 30,000), has a autonomy of 345 km, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 210 km/h. The long reach version costs $ 44,000 (approximately 37,500 euros), has a scope of 498 km with a single charge, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds and reaches 225 km/h.

The two versions will have different speeds of load. The Model 3 core you get a range of 210 km with a half-hour plugged into a Supercharger Tesla and the Model 3 long-range gets 273 km in the same time. Unfortunately, neither of the two will have free electricity in these chargers of the brand, something that they can enjoy the owners of a Model S or a Model X.

Equipment of the Tesla Model 3

One of the technologies most coveted of the Model 3 is the driving system autonomous Autopilot, which gives a radar proximity, a dozen ultrasonic sensors and eight cameras, to detect everything around him, and be able to react accordingly. Those who want to opt for him will have to pay $ 5,000 more (4,250 euros). The standard equipment on both versions includes: climate control bizona and a 15 inch touch screen since you can control all functions of the car.

we Still do not know the prices that will be in Spain, but will presumably be more expensive than in the US. If so, it will be difficult against the future Volkswagen ID, which according to their policy will be cheaper than the Tesla. For its size and segment, the Model 3 will also compete with other models from the likes of the BMW 3 Series, and may soon compete on equal terms, because the German brand plans to release a BMW 3 Series electric.

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