Tesla Model And: is it necessary to have doors type gull-wing?

Tesla Model Y - recreación

Recreation of the Tesla Model Y. Made by MR CarDesign.

for quite some time now commented on the fact that the Tesla Model And, the next model to be launched Tesla Motors to the market and whose development probably has already started, will have rear doors opening type “gull-wing” (also called doors hawk) as well as the Tesla Model X. however, the events of the past few months and the numerous criticisms it has received Tesla will be the determining factors on the final decision.

In the month of October of the past year 2015, the Elon Musk released a tweet stating that it will arrive on the market the Model 3 and Model And. And that one of the two will have doors type gull-wing. Well, the new Tesla Model 3 is ready to start production (although it has not yet been submitted to the commercial version) and it does not have doors of this type. Therefore, it is clear that Musk was referring to in that tweet (subsequently deleted) to the Model Y.

But, best we return to the present. After the various events that have taken place since last summer in Tesla Motors is in the predicament of deciding to do without or not of these doors in the new Model And. I talk about the various incidents that have occurred with the rear doors gull-wing Model X as protagonists. Problems to enter or exit the car when there is close to another parked vehicle. Not to mention the friction, or shock that has caused this type of opening.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X with the rear doors open. Tesla referred to as the “door hawk”.

we Understand that you may have some kind of sense in the Tesla Model X due to the public to which it is oriented, however, the Tesla Model And is positioned a step above new Model 3, and just below the Model S. therefore, it can be expected to have a price significantly more accessible than their “older brothers”. It is here where a server is made the question that heads this article. do you need the doors “gull-wing” in the Tesla Model And? Because the truth is that they are not really necessary for the audience you will be focusing.

new crossover designed by Tesla Motors will have dimensions quite compact if you compare it with his older brother of seven seats, the Model X. A factor that would complicate adapt this type of mechanism to the size of the Model Y. If you may well prove to be practical detail to enter and exit the vehicle, if we take into account all the information that is known about the new vehicle from Tesla Motors and we came to the conclusion that the company headed by Elon Musk would put ahead of practicality aesthetics.

One of the main advantages that you will have for the end consumer the fact that finally the Tesla Model And count on rear doors conventional, it will be an obvious price reduction. Although for now we do not know in what strip will move, as we say, will be located between the Model 3 and the Model S. it is Still unknown when it will come to market, but if we take into account that the new Tesla Model 3 will not begin to produce until the next year 2017, I don’t think that we see the Model And before the end of this decade. Will have to keep waiting.