Tesla Model M: imagining the bike Elon Musk

Imagine for a moment that among the plans Tesla Elon Musk, which contains a draft leaves the Model S, the Roadster, the Model X, which goes even motorsports. Imagine for a moment that Tesla plans contains a bike , a motorcycle, of course, power. Well, there is already someone who has done it … and also has given way to the idea in the form of recreation.

For now there is no strong rumors that point to the arrival of a motorcycle to the ranks of Tesla.

The designer Jans Slapins has been commissioned to give life to this electric bike with a design as futuristic. The aesthetic role of the bike is left to a narrow saddle and huge electric block occupying the space where we traditionally would find a combustion engine, although of course we can not overlook the peculiar losing front optics.

What the hell has a fuel tank if an electric bike? Well, Slapins has devised this false deposit as a good trunk in which to save our town, an idea that has already been exploited in production motorcycles as Gilera DNA .

Slapins tells of an electric motor 204 horses by an aluminum chassis, different driving modes, for a lithium … but for now let not the dream of being a designer so far they have not transcended weight rumors about the possibility of meeting with a motor under the emblem of Tesla.

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