Tesla Model S 2016: a calender absent and more elegance for the best selling Tesla

I Am aware that we have spoken long and hard about the Tesla Model 3 lately – and with reason, is a revolution in itself. But we must not forget the Tesla Model S, the car that has allowed Tesla to get the funds and the brand image necessary to develop a power more affordable. A car capable of driving itself, with thousands of loyal fans worldwide. Tesla updated its Model S by 2016, with a slight wash of face that aligns your image with the latest developments of the brand.

like the Tesla Model X, also protect us from attacks biochemical.

The cosmetic changes are relatively light. The biggest focus of the front that loses your calender – we have already talked about the why of this aesthetic direction – and is close to the image that it has projected the new Tesla Model 3. Now both the Model X and Model S are much closer aesthetically to the latest release of Tesla. There are also changes in the optical rear, which have been slightly smoked. It has separate more clearly each of the functions of the lights. There are No more exterior changes.

tesla-model-s-2016-3In the interior offers new wood trim, but essentially moving all the solutions of the initial model. It is not a face wash, it is more a slight upgrade aesthetics which gives a more elegant look and premium to the best-selling Tesla. The manufacturer californian wants to differentiate his Model S to his new little brother, and wants to make it through a differentiation premium. At the technical level, there are a couple of developments to note.

tesla-model-x-2016-arma-1In the first place, the HEPA filter – yes, the one that protects you against attacks biochemical – is already available on the Tesla Model S. In the second place, the amperage of the charger increases from 40 to 48 amps, allowing a recharge faster your batteries. Still getting to 72 amps for the Tesla Model X. it Is rumored the imminent release of a version P100D, with more power and greater battery capacity. Also expect new updates of both the software and the system Autopilot.

Source: Jalopnik
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