Tesla Model S: Improvements in the new software

Tesla Model S Tesla Model S: Las mejoras de su nuevo software On Monday Elon Musk promised via Twitter significant improvements for the Tesla Model S. In his message, it would be a software update that end the preoccupation of an electric range Limited across the Tesla Model S. The new version 6.2 software vehicle includes several improvements, such as a route planner optimizing autonomy, new functionalities in terms of active safety and a slightly improved performance.

In reviewing all the Tesla Model S will equip the functionalities Range Assurance and Trip Planner, especially designed to address long trips. The system guide the vehicle navigation network of charging stations Tesla, that through power ups can afford without problem long trips. In the calculation of the route will take into account the time recharges and driving, something important for minimize the duration trip.

tesla model s actualizacion software Tesla Model S: Las mejoras de su nuevo software The calculation of the route show the different charging stations to recharge times each needed to reach the destination. Once the car is recharged, the Tesla App for smartphone will tell us if we have enough autonomy to reach the final destination or next supercharger. In the United States will be where most of these features will be exploited, since there 95% of the population has a charging station within 300 miles. The charging non-Tesla also indicate, although prioritize own brand.

Other improvements for the Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S But the Tesla Model S not only integrates a new route planner. Now also incorporate new features like automatic emergency braking . The car will act on the brakes autonomously when it detects a collision risk, avoiding it or minimizing the impact. If the driver acts on the pedals or steering wheel, the system will stop braking.

The blind spot warning operate between 30 and 140 km / h, indicating the presence of another vehicle in a dead angle with a white bow in the instrument cluster. If the car believes there is a risk of collision, two red arcs appear in the panel, vibrates the steering wheel and a warning tone will sound. The valet mode be another function present in the Tesla Model S. This is similar to the Chevrolet Corvette system that restricts access to certain vehicle information, limits the maximum speed and closes the trunk and glove box for when we leave our Model S to a valet. Finally, the Tesla Model S P85D top speed increases to 250 km / h.

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