Tesla Model S P100D for the Electric GT with 795 HP

Tesla Model S Electric GT

it has Always been said that the best laboratory for the study of production vehicles is the competition and what is certain is that the manufacturers of vehicles as well as components, take advantage of all the information and experiences gathered in different categories and disciplines of the competition to after achieve to extract the best performance adapted to the daily use, to the circulation on public roads.

Tesla is one of the most popular brands in the past few months. Its technology, electric propulsion high autonomy, systems of driving semi-autonomous and high quality have achieved that position as a one of the brands that are most advanced for the new era of the automotive industry; where it is increasingly clear that the only noise will come rolling and, thereafter, drivers shall be limited to the point of destination and to read the digital newspaper.

Tesla Model S Electric GT

The company of Elon Musk will compete in the Electric GT, a competition of passenger cars-electric derivative of the series and highly powered. This championship will be composed of several races, with their training and pre-grading, in several circuits mythical of our planet between the in Montmelo, Spain. Tesla will run with a Tesla Model S P100D suitably enhanced to attempt to take the title, although it will not exactly easy because the rivalry is ensured.

we don’t have a lot of information on modifications that it has received the Tesla Model S P100D of the company to compete in this category, but the few data that we have are very promising. Taking a series model, the mechanics have disassembled the entire interior, leaving only what is essential, and replacing some elements with the aim of saving up to the last kilo of weight possible. In this way, the weight has been reduced by no less than 500 kilos.

in Addition to the usual improvements in suspension, brakes and safety cage, the power has risen to 795 HP, being also very important to the instant torque of 995 Nm. In this way, the model of competition can pass from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 sec. . Who would tell us a decade ago that an electric car would have similar performance data?

Source – Motor1

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