Tesla Model X, all you need to know about the new electric crssover

tesla model x 4 Tesla Model X, todo lo que tienes que saber sobre el nuevo crssover eléctrico Finally, we can say that we know him Tesla Model X , the third model of the Californian company and the second of its current catalog, after Tesla Model S is a SUV electric that has been developed from the beginning as such. Despite its bulky body with extraordinary aerodynamic coefficient of 0.24 Tesla traits are evident in this car with its own DNA and a striking rear gullwing doors that we had seen.

The batteries of this new model are located on the floor of the cabin, reducing the center of gravity and making the car safer and more dynamic. Tesla has been much interest in security and says it will be the most secure SUV thanks to its excellent chassis and crumple zones. Active safety has not been set aside by a system of automatic emergency braking operating at high speeds, rear camera, radar and sensors on the vehicle 360 ​​that allow the autopilot functions that are standard across the range of Tesla Model X.

tesla model x 1 Tesla Model X, todo lo que tienes que saber sobre el nuevo crssover eléctrico The interior of the Tesla Model X is very spacious and access to the rear seats is very comfortable thanks to Falcon Wing doors (hawk wings, depending on brand) since one of the advantages is the top of the roof rises with the door, making it easier to access the second and third row of seats. The Model X may have up to 7 seats , in configurations 2 + 2 + 2 or 2 + 3 + 2. To open completely, these rear doors need 30 cm of free space. The doors are equipped with sensors to avoid hitting other objects in the opening and closing. The driver’s door also features an automatic opening when the driver approaches and close when this has been settled.

The modularity is also present in the interior of this electric SUV, since all vehicle seats are independent and the second row are movable longitudinally separately and have reclining backs, which helps improve comfort occupants of the rear and the maximum use of space squares. The sense of space in the cabin is enhanced by the large panoramic moon that reaches the front seats, while in the second row, the roof is also glazed on the moving part of the doors.

Tesla Model X The space stowage abounds in this new model, as well as the classic compartments, this crossover has storage space under the seats of the second row, the conventional luggage compartment at the rear and a rack on the front. If not enough, it is capable of tow nearly 2,300 kilos , to carry a trailer with all the necessary equipment.

Inside the Tesla Model X offers a very similar to the Model S dashboard, where the protagonist is a touchscreen 17 “ from which all functions are controlled. There is the possibility of voice control and to reproduce many of the features in Table watches, for having to take less from the road. Like the Tesla Model S, the Model X can receive various software updates to improve their functions without resorting to a workshop.

Tesla Model X All variants of the Tesla Model X are of Total drive using a motor in the front and two on the rear. The front engine has 262 horsepower and 510 rear, with a total par of no less than 966 Nm. The variant P90D is the most powerful of all with 0-100 of just over 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. This model, as its name suggests, equipped with 90 kWh battery that allows approximate range of 400 kilometers . They are all very good performance considering the high weight of 2467 kilos of Tesla Model X P90D.

The cited benefits are achieved with a package called Ludicrous Speed ​​ (absurd speed). Without this extra, the Tesla Model X P90D takes more than 3.8 seconds to reach 100 km / h, which is still a really good figure.

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