Tesla Motors announces the installation of more chargers in Spain

Tesla cargadorwe All know the limitations in electric cars current in terms of its price and autonomy. However, for Tesla Motors it looks like they are not insurmountable obstacles. It is true, their models are not the most economic that we can find on the market, but it is also true, that no car manufacturer has been able to give the replica to the distance that the Model S and Model X are able to go with a single recharge.

Thanks to the large capacity of your batteries, the Tesla are able to cover great distances more than decent for an electric car. However, and although the autonomy of their models is more than respectable, these cars do not drink the juice of a dinosaur, and for that to work they need to time to time to recharge their batteries. Well, little by little Tesla is going to expand its network of chargers for the world.

Tesla cargadorIn the case of Europe, the network of chargers and supercargadores Tesla already allows you to make certain paths that before were unthinkable. With the number of points, you can travel part of the French coast and even reach as far as Spain. Currently, Tesla has 29 charging points in our country. Twenty-five of them, are chargers normal and only four of them are supercargadores.

however, the network of chargers for Tesla in Spain is still scarce, since our country is very large and can not cover a route Badajoz – Barcelona with a refill. For this reason, the brand of Silicon Valley is going to expand this year to its network of chargers and normal supercargadores by the Spanish geography. To do this, Tesla has reached agreements with the main hotels of luxury of Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian.

The expansion of the chargers from Tesla, in Spain, goes with a certain delay with respect to the initially planned. However, we expect Tesla to continue to increase its network of chargers for Spain and not just stay in the northern part of the country or big cities.

Source – Tesla

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