Tesla opened its first European factory in Holland

If you purchase a Tesla Model S coming into the European Union, it is not possibly manufactured in the United States. The world’s first electric car maker has just opened its first European factory in Tilburg . A Dutch town, in one of the countries most in favor of electric cars, and Tesla Motors headquarters in Europe – among other details, tax incentives. This factory has capacity to produce up to 1,000 units of the successful weekly Tesla Model S

In the European factory Tesla also conducted tests of autonomous driving.

One of the reasons for the opening of this factory is reduce waiting times Tesla Model S , now months for European consumers. These medium-sized installations cars produced exclusively for the European market and its estimated speed is now 450 units per week. Although the facilities are brand new, they used tools and machines from the factory in Fremont, California. This factory is still the official headquarters of Tesla currently.

Tilburg facilities will not be a factory with all the letters, in the sense that receive US components and simply assemble . A mode CKD – complete knock-down – safely. The European assembly will also reduce taxes on cars, so possibly in Europe we benefit from more affordable prices. It is expected that also asemble future Tesla models , the SUV Model X and the future Model 3, the first generalist brand sedan.

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Each car must pass a rigorous quality control before leaving the gates of the premises of Tesla. The factory also opens a indoor test track 750 meters long , which also will be testing in the future development of the Tesla Model S at European level. And all this, still not possible to simply buy a Tesla in Spain, perhaps by the bad energy policy in this country suffer. At least already it installed the first supercharger, in Girona.

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Tesla connects Spain with Europe! This is the first supercharger in Spain and is in Gerona

I tried to buy a Tesla in Spain and found that it is possible, but not easy or cheap


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