Tesla purchase Perbix to solve the problem and make more of the Model 3

The arrival on the market of the new Tesla Model 3 was going to be a success for the sales and finances of the firm of electric cars american. However, it seems that it has become a punishment for Elon Musk, creator and ceo of the brand, as they have been able to verify first-hand that the productive capacity of his factory was not prepared to meet the demand that has had its sedan small.

manufacture of the Model 3 is lagging alarmingly, they have produced a number of bottle-neck in the part of assembly of the battery that have not been able to solve. The first patch that was made the situation was to dispense with part of the template but it seems that this solution has not been sufficient. For this reason, the economic results presented by the mark of the third quarter of the year were virtually non-existent.

however, Elon Musk seems like a mage that knows when and where you need to make the best magic tricks. As has been communicated to the u.s. firm, have been launched and have bought to the specialist machining Perbix. This company has been dedicated for the past three years to provide components for models of Tesla. Specialization in your product is more than evident and therefore, with a vertical integration get to increase the rate of production.

In this way Tesla becomes its own supplier of components for their cars, being able to mark in every moment the rhythm of production and supply of the parts you need. To get into this situation I do not know the money you have had to “shell out”, although James S. Dudley (former owner of Perbix) would have received shares of Tesla with a value of about us $ 10 million. With this movement the accounts of the us firm suffered a further setback, although to be fair, the losses that you may incur Tesla for failing to meet the deadlines of delivery of your Model 3 could be higher.

Will see how much shortens Tesla delivery times of his saloon media. In addition, with the incorporation of Perbix in its structure, the american company not only earns you a debt, you also earn an asset that could loosen in the future once you fix this problem of production time.

Source – Tesla

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