Tesla releases first teaser of the Model, And, its compact SUV electric

has not Yet been presented in official form the new Tesla Model 3 and the signature of Elon Musk is already making noise with a new model. The next commercial launch of the firm based in Silicon Valley is your vehicle electric mid-size Model 3. This model is intended to compete from you to you with heavy weights of the likes of Alfa Romeo Giulia Audi A4, BMW 3 Series or Mercedes-Benz a-Class C.

however, Tesla does not want people to lose interest in it and therefore they move forward with their plans for the future. In the industrial plan that was presented to Elon Musk, the investors, the firm is committed to bring to market a – new compact SUV and a pick-up truck. The term that is marked for such a feat was about five years old, but it seems like the SUV is brought forward a little.

The reason to think that we can advance a little is founded in the teaser image has released the very Tesla. In it, but on the outside because it is very dark and you see only the silhouette, we can see how will be the future SUV compact power of the brand. The name for this model will be Model And and as reported to the makers of the brand, should be in the street by the year 2020.

this photo, the only thing that we can point to is that the Model And does not have rear-view mirrors and that the top of your headlights seem to resemble that mounts the Model X. When a prototype is something normal, but sure that the final model mounts. However, if we know that will be developed from a new platform, because the Elon Musk warned that it would not be based on the Model 3.

To end we must clarify that the Tesla Model And will be assembled in a new plant that will be built while the brand’s engineers finish their development. While this is happening we will have to wait to September which is when Elon Musk has indicated that there will be more information on this model.

Source – Tesla

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