Tesla returns to the eye of the hurricane: a second accident with Autopilot


Not at good times for luxury brand cars for sustainable mobility, because just a week made public the fatal accident suffered by a person on board of his brand-new Tesla Model S in may, just register a new incident. This time with a Model X while its owner rode with the function autopilot enabled, according to statements.

Has occurred in Pennsylvania, a highway when the 1 July, to the 17:00, the owner of the vehicle and his son-in-law drove with the car in stand-alone mode when this capsized until today proceeding subsequently to his rollover instant. Despite all of this, do not grieve fatal victims and it seems that the incident did not exceed the barrier of the material.

it Is in the air so the ethical of take between the hands a car when we don’t pay minimum focus to the trajectory of the route, leaving, in some way, our life and physical integrity and that of others at the mercy of a series of devices that guide the car a completely automatic way to your destination. How reliable are these systems?, What happens if something fails?, Who is to blame in the event that this occurs, the owner or the manufacturer? The answers to some of these questions can be confusing, but what is not in doubt is that if something fails to be vigilant and not to relax completely is the best medicine, being able to react to any anomaly detected if it is.


there are Numerous videos in which it is shown as a group of friends come back from party totally asleep, driver included, after the night of revelry, or driving while viewing your favorite series, as is the case of the first accident was recorded, whose passenger was watching Harry Potter until the device of automatic driving failed, finding the death.

No place to fear popular in this type of vehicle, and also to make Tesla a darts poisoned by opinion leaders, given that the possibility of isolated cases, is still tangible as well as the portion of responsibility by the owner. it Is wait and see, but the fact of getting pulled over by a “wizard advanced driving” in the development phase without any kind of hesitation is an issue that is going to bring a lot of glue.

Here some videos of Joshua Brown, 45, of the first rugged on board Tesla Model S: