Tesla Roadster 3.0, the update comes with new batteries

tesla roadster 3 0 actualizacion baterias 2 e1419693982386 Tesla Roadster 3.0, llega la actualización con nuevas baterías Yes, some of the advantages, or curiosities, electric cars are updates. Like a computer program is involved. Tesla makes official the battery pack 3.0 to their sports Tesla Roadster . You update greater than, as was already mentioned yesterday, will allow you to travel more than 640 miles on a single charge.

Tesla has officially announced its improvements which, incidentally, do not rely solely on providing a new battery pack. The manufacturer announced that it is going to sell the car again, but will receive the update all Roadster from next spring .

To begin, Tesla has provided a new pack of lithium ions with greater storage capacity. Specifically announced to 31% more than current batteries peaking at 70 kWh . It is, in turn, the same size, although there is talk of weight.

tesla roadster 3 0 actualizacion baterias 1 e1419694027841 Tesla Roadster 3.0, llega la actualización con nuevas baterías Further, it has developed a new aerodynamic package for the Tesla Roadster, a package that can be installed and has sought mainly to reduce aerodynamic drag. The manufacturer claims that while older versions of the Roadster had a coefficient of 0.36, it has been reduced to 0.31 .

On the other hand, new and modern lower tire rolling resistance , just as it has worked to minimize frictions such as the brakes are offered.

With this, the Tesla Roadster 3.0 is about to go on a single charge of more than 640 kilometers away according to the American approval. The public demonstration will come with the new year, promising the manufacturer to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a single charge.

This update for the Tesla Roadster will not be the last to arrive , at least in word mark, so we can expect further updates throughout the next year and come. As for the Tesla Model S, the brand has stated that there is no update or improve referred to in the short term.

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