Tesla Semi: The electric truck is already a reality

The Truck electric Tesla is already official. With the focus on aerodynamics, that Tesla Semi promises an autonomy of up to 800 kilometers with a single charge of its batteries.

Lthe company directed by Elon Musk finally presented its long-awaited truck, a model that will hit the market in 2019 and that puts Tesla in a territory hitherto unknown, advancing a step further in the execution of his “Master Plan”.

Tesla Semi, as it’s called, aspires to become examined faster, more comfortable and especially the safest in the world. according to the data provided by the manufacturer, the electric truck can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just five seconds, a figure that rises to 20 seconds when you are carrying a trailer with 36.287 kilograms. Surely figures that do not charge too much relevance when we talk about a truck, although not for that reason cease to be shocking.

In terms of its external appearance, the Tesla Semi features a design strongly influenced by the aerodynamics, although without abandoning the brand image of the rest of the models of the brand. On the front highlight your thin light clusters with LED lamps arranged in a vertical position and a few lines smooth and rounded. Anyway it is still a prototype, as can be seen in some details such as the the absence of exterior mirrors.

The work on the aerodynamics has been very important, to the point that the rear wheels are fully struck, while the front wheels have a design that favors the reduction of the aerodynamic resistance.

With regard to the interior, with a single seat for the driver, which is arranged in central position and, like the rest of the vehicles of Tesla, the absence of buttons, levers, and buttons conventional is total, as in its place stood two huge touch screens, one on each side of the steering wheel.

This might not be the solution more sensible for those who must spend much of their day behind the wheel, but is the only formula in which Elon Musk is confident for their vehicles.

Such as the rest of the vehicles of the brand Tesla, the truck is equipped with the system driver assistance Autopilot, which despite its name is not a driving system of autonomous, since it requires the driver’s attention at all times.

The tesla Semi used four electric motors located on the four rear wheels, and sor autonomy will be somewhere between 480 and 800 kilometers, depending on the load. Thanks to the use of a new supercargadores, with just 30 minutes of charging it will be possible to get a range of 640 kilometers.