Tesla share (with conditions) its Supercharger network with other manufacturers

Tesla Motors currently has a network of charging stations for the world’s largest electric car. It is called Supercharger and now extends throughout the United States and much of Europe. A few months ago the first Supercharger installed in Spain, in Girona. At a recent conference in Belgium, Elon Musk announced that Tesla is in talks with a European car manufacturer, with the objective of allow their electric use fast charging stations .

Only a few months ago the first Supercharger opened in Spain.

A movement that I see quite logical, and part of an impeccable business strategy. Tesla has created a premium to its Supercharger network, but has created the best of the market and one of the few truly recognizable brands in the field of electric cars. It was a matter of time licenciase technology or allow its use to other companies , they avoid having to conform to other standards, ignoring the truly global standard, the Tesla Supercharger network.

tesla-supercharger-girona-05 Elon Musk has refused to reveal the identity of European car manufacturers interested in using its Supercharger network, but gives us a clue: it’s not German . Will the Group PSA ? Will Jaguar-Land Rover? At the moment we have no information, but we do know some of the requirements imposed Tesla who want to use the Supercharger network. For example, that their cars are compatible with the quick recharge, preventing occupy the space for longer due.

Elon Musk believes that we have reached the limits of internal combustion technologies.

This still is not a problem, but can be problematic in some years, when the fleet of electric is greater. Another important detail is the economic model. Tesla not allow free use of the seasons, but not be consumers who pay by charging . Through a ID only, it will be the electric car manufacturer who pay monthly by the number of refills of their cars. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer if they wish to check this amount to each user of the electric car.

tesla-supercharger-espana-05-1440px Elon Musk has also used the conference to discuss the Dieselgate , the Volkswagen scandal emissions. Interestingly, it has drawn iron case, but sweeping toward home. He said that the CO 2 is a more dangerous enemy – global – that nitrogen oxides, and what this scandal shows is that the limits of internal combustion have arrived, is time to move tab to the electric car. And who is currently the leader in electric cars?

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Tesla connects Spain with Europe! This is the first supercharger in Spain and is in Gerona

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