Tesla shows how it works your system of defense against biological weapons

Tesla defensa contra armas biológicasTesla is a signature avant-garde and not only by their electric vehicles, but also for some systems that have been developed. With the launch of the Tesla Model X and the recent facelift of the Tesla Model S we saw the incorporation of the HEPA air filter, who managed to remove the 99.97% of the harmful agents of the air for example pollen, bacteria and particulate pollutants.

A system of filtration much more efficient that the majority of those we see in other vehicles, which allows a room full of pure air no matter where you move. It has been tested in all kinds of places, from the polluted roads of China up landfills, but then came another idea, would this system able to protect the passengers in case of a attack with biological weapons?

Tesla defensa contra armas biológicasthis is the Bioweapon Defense Mode, the system of Tesla for defense against biological weapons. And although it may seem like something from science fiction, the reality is that it works and that the american brand has wanted to try it out. To do this place a Tesla Model X in a bubble with polluted air, particularly with values of 1.000 μg per cubic meter, a high amount considering that a good air quality should not exceed 12 μg per cubic meter.

As can be seen in the graph, when connected to the system of defense against biological weapons is achieved by filtering out almost all of the contamination of the interior in just two minutes. Also surprising as the time not only removes particles from the interior, but also begins to to reduce the levels of all the bubble up to 40%. The Bioweapon Defense Mode works, and Tesla appears to be willing to integrate it into their vehicles soon.

Source – Tesla

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