Tesla Spain: the Spanish headquarters of Tesla Motors will be in Barcelona

Tesla Spain S.L.

Tesla Spain SL is already underway. The importer of Tesla Motors in Spain has its headquarters in Barcelona.

just two weeks Ago we were already talking about a very important fact for our market. And it is the impending arrival of Tesla Motors to Spain. Although our country has already met some developed, and lovers of the firm led by Elon Musk with Tesla Model S in your garage, the popular brand of electric cars is not present in Spain in an official way. Something that, as we say, will change very soon.

Tesla Spain SL will be the importing official in Spain of the models marketed by Tesla Motors. And while it is still up for debate, all indications are that the first shop Tesla will open in Barcelona. Its headquarters is also located in the City of Barcelona. The new company created by the american firm will be in charge of selling its electric cars in Spain and in Portugal.

in Addition to the import, the target with which it is born Tesla Spain SL is the distribution, sales and associated services to electric vehicles, energy storage systems and equipment stationary as well as the sale of products, parts, accessories, and related merchandise with the same. Of these social objectives is apparent the intention of Tesla to market in Spain to recharge their batteries, home, calls “Powerwall”.

Tesla Spain S.L.

The first Shop Tesla will open in Barcelona, although there are also deck Madrid as a possible location.

to The front of the company figure as president Marc Cerdá, who was already incorporated into Tesla Motors from the year 2013. Together to Sow, we will find in Tesla Spain SL, Stephan William Wekman, who from August of 2015 holds the position of chief financial officer of a subsidiary of Tesla in Europe, whose headquarters are located in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). And it also appears in the record as an adviser Susan Repo, which has the corporate vice president of commerce, treasury, tax and new ventures in Tesla Motors Inc.

For the time being, Tesla will import to Spain all of its vehicles, as the brand of Elon Musk has no intention of making their models or batteries in Spain. Despite having said on more than one occasion that our country is one of the places that are being considered as the site for the new factory that Tesla Motors wants to build in Europe.

despite this, Tesla Spain SL will be in charge of the installation and maintenance of “superchargers” (supercargadores) of Tesla. Currently in Spain we already have several of them installed at different points, although the objective of the company is to be able to expand throughout the national territory (peninsula) in the next few months.