Tesla underestimated enormously the demand of the new Model 3, could die of success?

The hype generated by the Tesla Model 3 is unprecedented in the history of the car. What other car has accumulated more than 250,000 bookings in the four days following its presentation? Many of these reserves were formed even before their future owners see a single image of the car. There were fans of the brand that they slept the day before in front of dealerships from Tesla to be the first to reserve a Tesla Model 3, while remembering clearly the fever for a new iPhone. What he has gotten out of hand to Tesla?

Tesla expected some 50,000 bookings for its Model 3. That number has increased five-fold in the last few days.

The own Elon Musk is exultant, but these reserves pose a great threat to Tesla. The production of the Model 3 will not begin until the end of next year, and up to mid-2018 will not reach a steady pace, and sustainable. Only 200,000 cars sold will receive a federal grant of $ 7,500 in the USA – many buyers no longer receive this juicy discount. Even so, the reserves have not ceased to accumulate, which makes you wonder how the hell will meet Tesla’s demand.

tesla-model-3-2017-02Tesla needed to sell about 500,000 Model 3 to monetize its development – it seems that while there will be no problem in reaching these sales figures, many clients could cancel their reservations. Why? Out of sheer desperation. Imagine having to wait up to three years, your brand-new Tesla. Many competitors of Tesla played with deliveries much more immediate, and possibly offer additional discounts to those who cancel a reservation for a Tesla. The closure of the electrical affordable seems to be definitely open.

What will Tesla to keep the interest of their clients while they are waiting for their car?

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