Tesla updates Autopilot but it seems that it will not be worth for all

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Since Tesla came to the market with the Model S and the subsequent Model X driving autonomic has become popular (although it is not autonomous at all). The reason is that their cars are impressed by the high degree of technology they incorporate and that people on foot will love. In these years Autopilot (as it is called in the brand of Silicon Valley) has been updated several times and it seems that there will soon be a new update.

Elon Musk, through his Twitter account, has been reported to the owners of a Tesla that the Autopilot will receive a new update in a very short time. In addition, he has also commented that his team of engineers is working seven days a week for the upgrades to be faster and better (we hope that they will pay very well). If hilamos fine, we can see that the last time that Musk spoke of an update to the stood in the middle of this month of December, but it seems that will be delayed a bit.

In the video that you have at the top you can see how they operate the new features of the enhanced Autopilot. However for this improvement arises a small problem that we don’t know if the engineers are working on it. The Tesla Model S leads selling since the year 2012 and in these four years the technology (vision cameras, sensors, and software) that incorporate it has changed substantially. Therefore, there arises a question what the first Model S we could incorporate the last update that Musk has promised?

vision systems, sensors and software are superseded by new and many of the functions that can make the past not to carry out the first. Therefore, unless the engineers at Tesla are also working to implement these improvements on older systems is very likely that the first Model S begin to stay old to the level of technology in this aspect because in security systems and assistants of driving are still well above the market average.

to Be seen as Elon Musk and his team solved this ballot and get your magnum not break in the hands.

Source – Tesla Motors

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