Tesla upgrades the Model S with the system of parking self-Summon

Tesla Model STesla is to turns with the Autopilot. Of time almost has brought more problems than advantages, and it’s all thanks to the idiocy of multiple users. Now comes a new update of the software for the Tesla Model S, an upgrade to 7.1 that comes with new developments in the Autopilot and with a new facet. Now the Model S is able to start only with the mode Summon.

update on the Tesla Model S includes two variants. On the one hand evolves the well-known Autopilot placing more limitations. The main, in addition to all of the recommendations that has already been distributed to the manufacturer, is the inability to use, the auto-pilot on roads without central separation. In other words, say goodbye to circular mode, semi-autonomous roads two-way.


This limitation is given by the problems that has led to the rise of videos on the part of users irresponsible. Logically the system Autopilot is not 100%, and in need of development. For this reason, they have upgraded their operation, and adds a very interesting and exciting development. The Autopilot is now capable of reduce the speed automatically before a curve to reflect the same. Nor can it be, now, more than 8 km/h the speed limit. It is, therefore, an update that directly affects the security.

The other side is focused in a way that Tesla called Summon. This update now allows the car to park and get out of the way to fully autonomous at the request of the owner. You can park even in the garages, connecting the system to the opening of the door so that the driver does not need to worry about open and close it. It is configurable how much it should move the car after you leave. In a future Tesla announces that the system Summon will be able to bring the car to any place where the owner so requests.

tesla-model-s-summon (2)again, there have been limitations to the system, although time limitations of words. From Tesla, we are told, can only be used in private farms with a garage so as not to cause possible damage. In other words, Tesla is launching little by little his car without driver with small updates before releasing a model completely self-contained with all the qualities.

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