Tesla used special glass for the manufacture of solar roofs

Tesla Model 3Every day that passes Tesla Motors moves forward a bit more to become one of those brands that is most useful technology for consumers launches into the market. Not only has he created one of the electric cars most impressive in the world, but is also present in other businesses such as electric batteries for the home, the race into space or its latest proposal. This was presented last week and is to create a solar roof for the houses.

This roof would be designed in such a way that it would appear to a ceiling conventional. However the peculiarity of this new deck for a home resides in their crystals and the power that would have to absorb the energy from the sun and store them in the Powerwall (the electric batteries to the home of Tesla). In this way an average family could use the roof of your house by way of a solar panel without the design of the property look disfigured.

Tesla Model S 2017however, Tesla will not be there and has already announced, via Elon Musk, the technology that been created to give shape to new solar roofs for housing will be present in the sunroofs of their cars. The first model that I would use would be the Tesla Model 3, and thanks to him I would have another external source from which to take energy provided to recharge your batteries. However you still have not explained how they will.

With this technology, the models of Tesla will be able to recover part of the charge of their batteries while traveling and also if you are parked. For now we only know that Tesla is investigating how to move the technology invented for the houses to the cars. To this end they have created a working group with engineers from both projects in order to available on the Tesla Model 3 when it hits the streets.

Source – Elon Musk

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