Tesla will build a mega-battery to supply energy in Australia

Tesla Inc va milestone in milestone. The ads that has made Elon Musk (the founder and majority shareholder) on the output factory the first Model 3, is having won a public competition in Australia. Yes, the u.s. firm is not only dedicated to the manufacture of cars, with companies as diverse as SpaceX, Hyperloop or Boring Company. That is why we have launched the construction of the largest mega battery to store electrical energy for human use in the world (the previous mega largest bank in the world is also of Tesla, but their ability is in the 80 MWh).

To put you into context, it is necessary to tell you that Australia has had in the year 2016 problems with the power supply in the southern zone of the country. In particular, by the fault of a few power outages, inconvenient, stayed for two weeks nearly two million people (about 30 thousand houses without electricity. In view of the problem that the government of the former british colony, the leaders of the executive decided to launch a public competition to build this mega battery.

As is logical, Tesla, Inc has been submitted to the contest with a project more interesting. According to the statement presented by the u.s. firm, would have created a UTE (Temporary joint Ventures) the american way, with the support of companies from 10 different countries. Would have been committed to building a mega battery with a capacity of between 100 and 300 MWh to provide power to these millions of people.

The end result of this risky proposal. Tesla Inc will build the mega battery world’s largest with a total capacity of 129 MWh; but best of all is the period in which it has committed to build it. According to Elon Musk, the project should be finished in only 100 days. Not, the own Tesla Inc would be with all the construction costs. Yes, it sounds crazy, but this information has been provided by the Musk in their social networks.

To supply power to this mega battery, with the support of a wind farm a short distance from the place where it will build the mega battery.

Source – Tesla Inc

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