Tesla will create a Model’s low cost for the German market

Tesla Model S on roadTesla Motors prevails in the united States and also wants to do it in Europe. Various markets of the old continent have given a very good reception, however the brand still has a long way to succeed as it does on the other side of the Atlantic. One of the market by volume of sales, more important for Tesla is Germany and the brand wants nothing to fail in this country.

The German government has begun to offer grants of up to 4,000 euros for the purchase of an electric car and € 3,000 for a hybrid. why Tesla Motors has put the batteries and has prepared a highly diluted or low cost of his Model S. The reason is simple and is based on one of the conditions that must be met to access these grants.

Tesla Model S 2017According to the German government the main requirement that must be met to access these grants is based on the price of the vehicle to acquire. The Tesla Model S more affordable passes out of the 70,000 euros and therefore would not be entitled to these grants. This is what has made Tesla modify slightly the equipping of their flagship to come down from this price and in this way you can benefit from the support of the German government.

Tesla has created the package and comfort with him, the price cut is quite bulky. This package is based on a lower number of extras of the one that carries the Model S more affordable. The main items of equipment that loses are the browser, the rear camera, the radio, the internet, or the wizard to vehicles in the blind spot and the mirrors folding.

For the moment this version will only be sold in Germany but surely if the brand will launch in more european markets would have a greater volume of sales.

Source – Club Tesla Spain

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