Tesla will implement a fee to prevent “grabbing” of the supercharger


Tesla advertises a fee for those users who hoard the superchargers.

Tesla is still working on to improve the experience of using your network of supercargadores installed around the world. It is for this reason that in recent months we are witnessing several announcements about upcoming changes in the use of this open infrastructure free of charge (for the moment) to all owners of a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X.

The last announcement made by the company led by Elon Musk is on track to to prevent drivers from using them in an improper way. And is that, as well points to the own Musk, there are drivers who, despite having recharged the battery of your vehicle, leave it parked for a long period of time, preventing that other user can use the charging point.

To do this, put in place a fee, will be activated if the vehicle has recharged his batteries, spend 5 minutes and is not removed from the supercharger by the driver. So you want to avoid those drivers who make a misuse of this service occupying a square on the charging stations throughout the day, or long periods of time, preventing other users need to recharge their batteries to be able to do or have to wait for another square is free.


Tesla will charge 0.35€ per minute to the user to leave your car parked at a supercharger with the battery charged.

¿The price of the fare in Spain? Will be in line with the other european markets, 0,35€ per minute. Tesla makes it clear that this measure is not expected to “make money” since that is more of an initiative for the owners of a car Tesla can make a rational use of this infrastructure that an action collection. The company makes it clear in the statement that the Superchargers are used for one thing: to recharge the battery.

Because it is complicated to have a record of each vehicle connected simultaneously to a supercharger, Tesla warns that will be the amount of this fee to the drivers, “hoarders” when you come to the next revision of your vehicle in the technical centre. Therefore, no payment of this fee will not be immediate.

this Is a new measure that is in addition to the announced by the company a few months ago, when Tesla confirmed that the supercargadores will no longer be free for new customers in 2017 regardless of the car they are buying. They will provide a kind of “annual bonus” with which to be able to recharge 400 kWh free of charge. Surpassed this figure will be implemented in a autonomy. The current owners of a Model S or a Model X will be able to continue to use them indefinitely at no cost.