Tesla will increase in 2017 prices Uk a 5%

Tesla Model S P100D

Since the british gave the Yes to the Brexit the fluctuations that have suffered pound sterling have been many and almost all of the low. The loss of value compared to other reference currencies (€uro or dollar) makes their products less competitive and therefore the benefits are diminished. This is what is happening now, but once your out of the European Union is official the problem may be much larger.

car manufacturers have already said that they will wait to see how they flow the events to see if they leave the country or continue to maintain their factories. What is for sure is that their cars will have to increase the prices because if not, manufacturers may not to cover the costs of transport and the other supplied. One of the who has already announced official rise of price of their cars is the california-based Tesla Motors.

Tesla Model X

1 January next is the date marked by Tesla Motors for their models rise of price, a 5 per cent of media. With this percentage, the minimum raise is estimated at about 3,000 euros at the current exchange rate. However the brand has had a gesture of courtesy to his clients, and has announced that this climb only will affect the models that are sold and invoiced after this date (2017).

This rise in price also comes attached to the news that the new customers of the brand (from 2017) as not eligible free of the charging stations. Therefore they will have to pay a symbolic price because their cars recharge forces in these charging stations. In addition, they have introduced a novelty in the charging stations for customers to leave parked their cars plugged in to the network and are loaded. According to mark will have to to pay a tax surcharge by occupation of the network, and the extra consumption of energy.

therefore, to uk customers of the firm they are coming a year 2017 more expensive of what they expected when they voted yes to Brexit.

Source – Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S

From 66.658 euros
Now from 60.158 euro