Tesla will install 14 new supercargadores in Spain

Tesla Súper Cargador

So what have been announced in the Automobile Barcelona, the auto show of the Catalan capital. In total, at the end of the year, the company american expects to have 24 supercargadores Tesla distributed by all the iberian Peninsula. Today, the company has installed 10 supercargadores and 54 single loaders, some of which are located at around Girona, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Manzanares.

the goal is for the person who owns a Tesla to stop, take a coffee and continue on with your journey with enough battery to reach without problems.

Tesla Model S on road

This will be possible since these supercargadores are not electrolineras “normal”. Provide 250 kilometres of the autonomy of the battery in just 15 minutes, which makes trips in electric cars are not a constant agony in which autonomy is concerned.

in Addition, Tesla given away annually 1,600 kilometers in charges to its customers, which may be used exclusively in their electrolineras. The procedure pay on these “gas stations” is fairly simple since the user will only have one account associated with your credit card, recharge your Tesla and continue their journey, as the invoice will be charged directly to your account.

Tesla super cargador

The aim is to finish a total of 2,017 with more than 10,000 supercargadores

Since Tesla began installing supercargadores and beyond by the year 2012, have already built more than 5,000 spread around the world, intended to make it easier to travel long distance to their customers.

This year they plan to double that number to reach over 10,000 supercargadores all over the world. This, in turn, is indicative of what that represents Spain for Tesla and the development plans that he has for our country, because, even though sus cars are not seen as often as in other countries, as could be Norway or Germany, if that is important to have a network of stations large enough to attract new customers and break the mythical excuse of not buying an electric because of the autonomy.