Tesla will land in our country and is in search of workers

Tesla cargadorEverything indicates that Tesla will come to Spain coming soon. And it seems that will not be in the form of a factory as contemplated a few months ago. The u.s. firm has an interest in increasing their presence in our country, and the test revealing have been the a number of job offers. The company of Elon Musk looking to staff both in Barcelona and in Madrid, where she plans to to open two new establishments in the not too distant future.

Tesla is looking for workers profiles to be rather specific and that can be used to find out a little about their plans. In offers published on your website to be search two product specialists (one Madrid and the other Barcelona), three advisors, sales (two in Madrid and one for Barcelona), a specialist of marketing (Barcelona), head of Human Resources (Barcelona), and a chief of installation of supercargadores.

Tesla Supercargadores llenoThis last job saves a lot of relationship with the news that we gave a couple of months ago: Tesla will expand the network of chargers and supercargadores in Spain. The first, of lesser power, will be located in luxury hotels. The latter, which allow a recharge in half an hour, they will advance to the center of the country, since most of them are installed on the mediterranean coast. We are currently the country with the lowest infrastructure of this type, with only half a dozen of ‘Superchargers’.

Returning to job offers, will be an opportunity to work in one of the pioneer companies in the electric vehicle. It is a good news due to the influence of Elon Musk in a multitude of projects. It could also mean the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 our country within a few years. In any case, have to wait to see the results. Meanwhile on the 17th of October we will meet another novelty of Tesla’s that is still a mystery.

Source – Tesla

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