Tesla will lose money for every Model 3, manufactured

Tesla Model 3

The new Tesla Model 3 has been a success from the moment of its presentation.

Since its introduction, the new Tesla Model 3 has generated a lot of interest. And not only the level of demand of the own model which, as we well know, has surpassed all forecasts of Tesla Motors. Following their release, of the long, many are the questions that we have been left in the inkpot. how Can Tesla meet demand for the Model 3? In the last few weeks have begun to circulate a number of reports on the possibility that the company Elon Musk have to build a new factory or it will be impossible to meet the delivery period that we consider acceptable.

Such is the situation that has come to Tesla due to the success of the Model 3 that currently, the estimated date of delivery for those who have already booked in the firm’s model is to the end of the year 2019. Now, as the saying goes, is not gold all that glitters… And what is this? For neither more nor less to that Tesla could lose money for each Model 3 that will manufacture and market.

although keep in mind that these are not official figures, the chief engineer of the Chevy Volt, Jon Bereisa, ensures that Tesla Motors will lose money for every Model 3, sold. During a recent talk, Bereisa said that the cost of manufacturing the Tesla Model 3 will exceed by$ 1,500 (1.320€) the price of output of the version of access to the range, 35.000$ (30.850€).

Tesla Model 3 - lateral

Tesla faces a difficult challenge to meet the demand that has generated the Model 3.

The statements of Jon Bereisa not have been overlooked in Tesla Motors, and proof of this is that Jeff Evanson, Vice president of Investor Relations at Tesla, said that have been able to reduce the cost of the batteries, so that the analysis of the engineer of General Motors would be incorrect. And is that the cost of the batteries is one of the keys to analyze the profit margin that the manufacturer of electric cars will have with the new Model 3.

Remember that the version of access to the range of the new model of Tesla will have a battery of anything less than 60 kWh. Although, Tesla Motors has stated that it will be enough to offer a range of nearly 350 miles. Therefore, you will be above the new Chevrolet Bolt, which range from autonomy of will start of a little over 320 kilometres and whose comparison with the Model 3 has generated all of this controversy.

Obviously, and as might be expected, since Tesla Motors does not have wanted to clarify in excess of the margins that will work but have wanted to clear up any doubt in this aspect. We assume that in order to reassure their investors.