Tesla will make a trip driving a complete self-contained from Los Angeles to New York


Elon Musk took advantage of his presence in TD2017 to release theirs.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, participated in the conference TED2017 held last week in Vancouver, where he released good tracks on the innovations that prepares the californian brand, among which we can highlight the next driving test complete self-contained that will perform the signs, sending a vehicle from Los Angeles to New York without having human intervention.

According to Musk, in November or December of this year, Tesla will make a demo to send one of their vehicles, as equipped with a driving system autonomous more advanced, from the parking lot of the Los Angeles until a car park located in New York. Throughout the journey, the control of the vehicle should be under the control of the system without intervention of the human being in no time.

Clarifying further that would not be a route pre-programmed earlier, but that would be a real trip, adapting in real time to the conditions of real traffic, and even allowing changes of route at any time, that is to say, the vehicle really lead only, not running a prescribed program prior.


Tesla Model 3.

According to Musk, the system Autopilot, which is developing the Tesla in these moments will be much more effective than any human being. This is a goal that you have set in the company to be able to offer your complete system driving autonomous, so that it is undisputed both by clients and by other manufacturers. We speak of a system of level 4 or 5 driving autonomous.

Elon Musk was also asked by the organizers of the event about the ability of Tesla to be able to circulate with the system Autopilot in urban environments without human intervention, to which Musk responded by commending the continuing efforts of the mark in to develop a system of “vision” supported by cameras and GPS systems. According to Musk, thanks only to the cameras as it is possible to increase the performance of a human being.

“you Can be absolutely superhuman only with cameras. Probably
you could do it 10 times better that a human being only with cameras”
apostillaba Musk.