Tesla will not have two gigafactorías; will be four or five


Gigafactory 2 (Buffalo, NY, USA)

Tesla dropped another bomb at a meeting of investors, because the people who have put money in Tesla has priority to receive news about the company. To the end of the year is going to know the location of the Gigafactory 3, 4, and could 5.

A moment, what happened to the Gigafactoy 2? Recall that last year, Tesla was merged with another company mogul Elon Musk, SolarCity. This company is dedicated to the placement of solar panels by the united States, and it already had a factory in Buffalo, New York. It is now known that site as Gigafactory 2.

For months we had understood that with that name you would call the gigafactoría european, which would have as its objective the mass production of electric car batteries -and Model 3 – for the european market. Spain is one of several candidate countries to hold it, and within it, a number of regions is the dispute.


Gigafactory 1 (Reno, Nevada, USA)

Recall campaigns in favour of the installation of the gigafactoría in Paterna (Valencia), Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Galicia and Navarra. The opportunities in investment and job creation are promising for these territories, because would create thousands of jobs, of which there would be many skilled.

Industrially speaking it makes more sense to locate the gigafactoría Spanish in Navarra, Galicia and Valencia for the existence of the industrial fabric of the car and logistics facilities created in consequence. In contrast, the options in jerez and valencia have a geographical advantage self-evident: the sun shines the most, you can find more solar energy.

Other european countries trying to have the gigafactoría are Finland, France, germany, Holland, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden. In several cases these proposals have had support from the government to the cause and have been suggested industrial sites existing or in need of some other reformita.


preliminary Design of the Gigafactoría Nevada

Up to five gigafactorías for Tesla

today, Tesla only has one factory in Fremont (California) and the gigafactorías of components in Nevada and New York. In addition, in Europe, a small plant in Tilburg (the Netherlands) ensabla the Model S and Model X that come partially assembled from the united States to bring them to market in Europe.

we Now know that in addition to the gigafactoría european (which may be called Gigafactory 3 or Gigafactory 4) is going to install one or two more. it Is trivial to guess where it will go as follows: Asia. The doubt is whether you are going to install in China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia… The asian dragons, they also want electric cars to its congested megacities.

The choice of china seems the most obvious

we Talked about the first automobile market in the world and also the first manufacturer, with an economy that continues to grow (although one day fail to do so, and that god we caught confessed), and a middle class that is raised to buy electric cars to the levels exaggerated from air pollution. The Government of China supports the electrical, and should continue to do so in the future.


Tesla Model 3, the call to be the electric car most sold in the world (above the Nissan Leaf)

most reasonable for the gigafactorías 3, 4 and 5 is that concentrate everything in the same place: production of cars, motors, batteries, and solar panels. Let’s remember that Tesla is not only a car manufacturer, also produces batteries for energy storage to both individuals and companies, solar panels for self-sufficiency and later mobility solutions collective.

the company’s plans are extremely ambitious. Although to day of today does not even reach to 100,000 vehicles a year, for 2018, the target is 500,000 (once it is all train the production of the Model 3) and for 2020 a million. That means that you have to have production outside of the US force, the american plants don’t have as much capacity.

To date, what Elon Musk promises is fulfilled, with greater or lesser delay, but it’s true. To the end of the year we will know if Spain leaves graced with a gigafactoría and where it will end is installed. Will be good news for the Spanish industry as a whole, since the gigafactoía european can have a capacity of about 500,000 cars a year (as much).