Tesla will offer driving 100% autonomous in 2018


At present, the Tesla can benefit from a system with few rivals in the industry, “Autopilot”. This system already allows for a large degree of autonomy and that the cars driving alone, but in concrete conditions.

Elon Musk has been interviewed by Fortune, and has some very interesting things about the immediate future. Believes that Tesla will move ahead the rest of the industry, and reduced its forecasts for below 2020. Right now, the Tesla “Autopilot” are collecting a lot of information and learning, and the knowledge spreads to the rest of cars in circulation via the Internet.

“I Think we already have all the parts, and we have nothing more to refine them, put them on your site, and insure that they are going to work in a wide range of environments, and then we’re through.” – Elon Musk

The complete autonomy will be ready by then, will move ahead even to the regulations. Will your car be able to go from a To B without any human intervention. The regulations will take longer to be ready, Musk believes that the lawmakers give their approval when there be no doubt that autonomous cars are not more dangerous than any human being.

Meanwhile, Musk wants to have the assurance that in any circumstance or situation of traffic, their cars will be able to give an appropriate response. The future calls our doors.