Tesla will put restrictions on the Autopilot in your next update


in Spite of
to that Tesla, as a manufacturer, will not be responsible for any misuse that
do the drivers of these functions, they prefer to prevent. A
update on beta -testing- puts some constraints to the use of the
, as a single function according to the legal limits
speed.On other roads directly will not work.

on the other hand, while there is no cure
personal injury, since there have been cases of accidents due to misuse
system. Is more, on sites such as Youtube we can see examples of
people that, with very few lights on, shows what it is capable of the system and
what not to do. In some parts of the world has demanded its deactivation.

The Model S can be updated remotely, because
is connected to the Internet, just like the apps on the phone
mobile or the computer’s operating system. And not all owners
they are willing to lose functionality, they can refuse to make such

For the moment, the update only
some cars, not the total of the Model S with such benefits. The
company maintained since the first day that these functions are a helps
the driving
, it is not a driving system autonomous that can
dispense with the human being.