Tesla withdraws from certain markets the Model S 60 to its low demand

Tesla Model S 60 Miles

When a car arrives to the market with the brand name that launches it tries to have a range mechanical and equipment wide and offset. Marketers do studies to know what could be the tastes of the customers targeted by the model but then it is the audience who judges and decides what to purchase and not to purchase. Tesla Motors is no stranger to this situation and after releasing to the market a version of access for its Model S have been forced to withdraw the.

The Model S in versions 60 and 60 D arrived in the past year to reduce the price of access to this model. However, it seems that the public is not very interested in them and according to has communicated to the u.s. firm will disappear very soon from your catalog. Through an official statement the leaders of Tesla Motors have been reported on the 16th of April will be the last day that will be for sale both versions and that the customers who were interested in both have you make your reservation before this day.

Tesla Model S on road

In the same press release, official have talked about the mix of sales of the Model S. apparently, when customers were aware of the versions 60 and 60 D finally went on to consider the 75 or 75 D. With this, they gave the jump to a higher version and they consider inferior for different reasons, but the primary was always the capacity of the batteries. With the version 60 could travel a distance of about 200 miles (338 kilometres) and with the 75 a few hundred more.

all in all, in order to avoid that customers feel aggrieved by this elimination of range in Tesla have decided to perform a software update for the versions 60 and 60 D. Customers may want to install it “over the air” and will improve the performance of the battery, the autonomy and the maximum speed. So we will be talking about that will of the 338 km of autonomy current up to about 417 kilometers. In addition, the maximum speed will be at the 225 kilometers per hour.

To end the responsible of Tesla have not communicated the version to 75 or 75 D suffer price variations, so that until the day of today, everything will continue as it always has in the range of the Model S.

Source – Tesla

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