Test Alfa Romeo Stelvio, an SUV made of Italian passion


The Stelvio has been designed to fall in love, and the work is the less attractive

A new model of Alpha! And it’s a SUV! When the century-old and legendary Italian house released these two bombings informative the world trembled before the rebirth of a brand which is so dear. But obviously there is a lot of “alfista” that shook also of fear for the type of car that was going to launch. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio already arrives to the Spanish market, and I have traveled to the vicinity of the land that gives name to know if we are witnessing a wave of broken hearts, or not.

107 years serve to learn and to make a personality that will accompany you throughout your life. Alfa Romeo was born into a racing circuit, and this has marked for life. For good and for bad. There is No competition in who has not participated, and won. All this heritage has been passed on to their cars for the street, and despite who will despite, Alpha is a special mark. Pure and typical Italian passion.

however, the history and victories do not give you eat, and recently Alfa Romeo was cabizbaja, sagging, before a bad run of sales and earnings. But what a great boxer has not risen, and we are facing a new rebirth. And we all cheered. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has a hard role, and that is no other than support the future of the brand.

The company’s strategy is to attack the most growing segment both at the national level, as european and even global level. Hence the arrival of a SUV, even though they have been ready and have been launched after the sedan from which it is derived; the Alfa Romeo Giulia. So we all know that the italians have not forgotten to do what we all expect of them. Do you now, have managed to succeed in strategies?


The Stelvio is slightly longer and wider than the sedan from which it proceeds, the Giulia

Italy, among many other things, is a passion and design. Great fashion designers, and body have gone out of their lands, and the aesthetic must accompany all product that bears the stamp of the flag red, white, and green. That is why the Giulia is as it is. Never floor get to appreciate design work, but to me nobody will deny that the Stelvio is, at least, different. More daring than their German rivals.

So that it enters the eye. Point to Alpha. Inside we find a space that we already knew. Yes, the Stelvio steals many of its components from the Giulia. Let us not forget that one derives from the other. Alpha attacks the segments premium with his two pitches, and that gets noticed in a cabin care.

The materials are of high-fashion, and the feeling of quality is very large. While in the assembly line should be a review of the manufacturing of the shift lever, is not very well finished that say. But except that detail, it is noted that attention has been paid to details that other manufacturers overlook. An example is the trim all the gaps slides. Coated all of them felt nice to the touch. You might think that is a bullshit, but it’s those little thing that make the difference.


The interior has been careful in its details, although there are things to improve, above all, the technology

If something I have that highlight of the interior is the excellent front seats. They have a perfect balance between comfort and restraint. Of truth that they are really comfortable, like the rest of the car, which shows a generous space for all its occupants. Are 2,820 meters of battle, the greater the competition, and that gets noticed in all places, including the trunk. 525-litre trunk with half-square and exploitable await you in the behind. What this space and spacious. Another point in favor.

In the times to speak of technology is required. It has become a matter of purchase and therefore brands need to be daring to incorporate more and more systems and gadgets of the latest generation. Alpha the truth is that it does so quite discreet. is Not that the Stelvio is not technologically advanced, but does not presume to do this. Much of the technology is dedicated to implementing security. Assistants of all kinds flock to safeguard the occupants and the pedestrians.

Obviously the most striking aspect of the technology is the screen of the dashboard, connected to the system Alpha Connect, which can get to be 8.8 inches in a format that is sooo panoramic, perhaps in excess. At this point the Stelvio wavers with respect to its closest competitors, which is no other than the BMW X3, the Mercedes GLC, and the more modern Audi Q5, which by the way I have already had occasion to prove. At this point Alpha wavers, although eye has everything you require and a little more. But you are missing, for example, headlights LED. Inadmissible that are not in the list of extras.


525 litres of luggage space that give a lot of play, even if the speaker is in danger if we leave things loose

But let’s leave the brain and go to the heart, we return to the Italian passion. And that Alpha has a lot to say. A new wave of motors have been developed for the Giulia and the Stelvio. A batch of blocks manufactured in aluminium that has the responsibility of determining whether the first SUV is a product Alpha, or against only a marketing maneuver. Two points to keep in mind in this doubt.

The first of them is a short wide but tight. Two engines, one petrol and one diesel that are capable of delivering two levels of power. The branch oil employs a block of the 2.2-liter Multijet which is capable of generating 180 and 210 horsepower. We will not see a Stelvio below that power. On the other hand the movement of gasoline using a two-liter turbo with 200 to 280 horse power. This last is in the sedan known as the Giulia Veloce, and that makes little discussed previously.

The all-wheel drive Q4 the Stelvio is capable of dividing the torque between both axles, but always prioritize the propulsion

The other point to keep in mind is that there will be no, I repeat, there will be no versions with manual shift mode. The Stelvio will always be associated with an automatic change, even the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV that will come later. It is a change ZF eight-speed transmission. It is responsible for managing the delivery of power, which will always go to the rear axle. This section makes an appearance all-wheel drive Q4, which will be serial for all versions, although in a future arrived, the diesel version of the 180 horses with rear wheel drive. Never front.


The brake calipers are the work of the house and work at a good pace without a lot of fatigue

Enter into which to me is the most unfavorable of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio; the price. Is that the italians want to attack the estates of German, want to compete you to you in a tough battle. Arrive the last, with a lot of ground to recover, and that’s why I don’t understand why Alpha has decided to put a sale value so high for the Stelvio.

Are three levels of equipment: Stelvio, Super and Speciale, in addition to two extra packages: Luxury and Sport that you can join at the level Super. The price of output are 48.300 euros for the diesel 210 HP with finish Super, 62,000 euros in the case of the First Edition. It is a lot of money, and although the Stelvio can match the quality of his opponents, he loses in other terms as the technology. So that there is no other: the dynamics has to justify that price, but what will?

Test Alfa Romeo Stelvio

During the international presentation of the Stelvio, made by lands of swiss, very close to the famous pass of the alpine that gives it its name, I have had the opportunity to test the two variants more powerful, so much in diesel as in gasoline. That is to say: the 2.2 diesel 210 horsepower and the 2.0 petrol 280. Both with all-wheel drive Q4 and automatic change of eight-speed. As it is mandatory.


Big cams metal are located behind the wheel so you can manage change to your liking

Before thee carefully to both versions, I have to comment on the fact that Alfa Romeo debuts platform, both for the Stelvio as for the Giulia. His name is Giorgio, yes, very Italian, and is made of lightweight materials, like the rest of the car. Thanks to this it achieves a lightness premium. I’m talking about a final weight, with liquids, of 1.604 pounds. 200 unless your immediate rival. There you have it.

Okay, let’s go for the diesel. The european regulations current in terms of emissions and pollution by forcing manufacturers to have much sense when developing a new engine. There is a thin line that travels the road between the performance and the efficiency. Finding that balance is key, and you have to recognize that Alpha has done a good job. Its 210 horses rife much, and rarely cast it into missing any more.

A maximum torque of 470 Nm is available from a few early 1,750 rpm, remaining until the 2,500 laps. Is a range low, and once you get past the forcesaparece with too much haste. On land normal not there will be a greater problem, because as I said you’re not going to need more in no time. But if you tend to travel on rough terrain you will notice that the delivery becomes more lazy.


The box is simple, but not lacking in information

yes, I doubt you will need more dynamism. I’m Not afraid to say that the Stelvio is the SUV more fun to those that currently exist in the market. If we do not look at the Porsche Macan. But that are big words. But if we compare with the rest, wins. And conclusively. The weight is the key to its agility. Alfa Romeo has managed to create an SUV with the soul of the vehicle. The reactions are very natural and resemble very much those of a car the lower.

The tare of the suspensions is perfect. Comfortable when he needs to be and hard when we entered a stretch more twisty. Hold the car perfectly on the curve, which can be a high rate, and is barely perceive oscillations or inclinations. Yes, yes we encourage you in excess of you have to be aware on what ground we are getting into, because it tends to be nervous, although that will also remove the occasional smile.

By putting the other sticks to the diesel version, I must say that although their behavior is very correct, you note a touch rough. It is more an issue of feelings by the perceived sound from the engine bay. note rough, although I repeat, it is not something of behavior, but of noise. Should have tried something better this topic. In fact, they already notice when I tried the Alfa Romeo Giulia with the same engine.


The system DNA of Alpha includes three modes of driving. Quite remarkable to jump between them

The weight distribution is perfect. 50% of the weight on each axle, and is able to withstand 0,92 g of lateral force

Jump to version gas. I tell you that for me is preferred, but, of course, played with advantage, and to be more specific, with 70 horses more. Although it is not only power, but how it is delivered. If we take a look at the data vemos that you have a pair of 400 Nm between 2,250 and the 4.750 rpm. A range is very great that the car gives you all the strength you have.

The ease with which the Stelvio wins speed is amazing, just like the changes of pace. The box responds perfectly to the movement of the pedal, and although it is not a double clutch, the reaction time is very fast and strong. Especially if you ride your bike in dynamic mode selector DNA located in the centre tunnel. With him we will be able to manage the way we want it to behave the Stelvio.

the difference between The modes is quite remarkable, and in the most efficient way the travel of the accelerator pedal becomes little reactive, although it is thought to save, obviously. With the normal mode will be enough for us and we left for the vast majority of occasions. yes, in all the Stelvio will surprise you with an address that is fast and accurate. It is, as in the Giulia, the real jewel in the crown. There is No van, or SUV which will provide the same sensations of guided, except for the Macan.


A touch racing. The start button is on the steering wheel

If you ask me the intelligent awd Alpha, the so-called Q4, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Many sections of the route of evidence were covered by snow and even ice, and despite the sensitivity of the path, the Stelvio behaved in a very noble, even stops fidgeting with his rear. In this case you must also recognize that driving with winter tires, that helps a lot.

finally I have to talk about consumption. I can not provide any actual value in this field, since the trial was not about to elucidate on the ability of the Stelvio to save fuel. Yes, Alfa Romeo homologous figures, very contained. Now, in the best of cases, the diesel or 2.2 diesel 210 HP, the average consumption is 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. This data grows up to 8.9 liters on average in the case of the 2.0 280-horse gasoline. We hope to verify the veracity of such data in future tests.


Alfa Romeo is a brand that leads in the heart for all the passionate of the four wheels, and re-emerge from its ashes after years of darkness is something that I am very pleased. The cast of return is very attractive. A saloon and an SUV. The Stelvio is the first SUV of the firm, and, volume of business, you must be the pillar on which rests the future of the company. And hence the exponential value that has. But Alpha has managed to play well your cards.


The Stelvio comes with a good letter of introduction. Will you be able to beat the competition are a German?

The start of the long is great. The design is attractive, the interior is of high quality, in addition to spacious and comfortable. Walk a little behind in terms of technology, but recovered in terms of dynamic. It is an SUV with a soul and driving of the vehicle. The version petrol better than the diesel, although it will be more than enough for everyday use. What I still see is the price topic. I think that if it were a little cheaper the Stelvio would be much more attractive to the eyes of the buyer. I hope that it will go well, because we all need that Alpha follow in our lives.