Test Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI 150 HP, are there really that buy a diesel?

Everything has a limit. This simple, and quite accurate, this does not appear to have ever been heard by the leadership of Audi. SUV, and more SUV. There are not enough, never there. The market marks the step, and this demand more units of this type, and of course the German brand meets the demand with a huge amount of product. Today I get behind the wheel of his new model of the range Q. On this occasion put to the test the Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI 150 HP.


The Q2 comes to satisfy the customers more youthful, urban and technological of all

As I said Audi wants to flood the market of products SUV. Four are current models, from the smallest of all, the Audi Q2, up to the largest of them, the Audi Q7. By the way, we find intermediates such as the Q3 and the Q5. And this is only the beginning, as we have already gone ahead. A range very live, who will suffer a tremendous expansion in a short time.

In the coming years will add almost the same number of units that today are present. Look forward to the arrival of the Audi Q8, the coupe version of the Q7, and also a drive fully electric, the Audi e-tron quattro, which is not the Q6. These two will arrive almost at par, and later the Audi Q4 which will be the coupe version of the Q3. In this way Audi thinks cover all spectrums and segments are possible, something that will position as the brand with most SUV in the market.

Although the germans have gone mad drawing and creating models, everything they do they do with the head. They know that the segments with the most growth are reduced in size, and for this reason Audi has released the Q2. A few months ago I met him at his international debut, and on this occasion, because more quiet, I have been able to analyze it more thoroughly, discovering its large number of qualities and some of its disadvantages.

Audi knows what it does, and it is for this reason that despite the fact that the Q2 is a model of the family SUV, the design in this segment as small weights more than large ones. This is why his style is so different from his older brothers. More youthful, more urban, but without losing that touch of robust and slender, with large nerves marked, the front-end, with the fake guard low and few details to own that, while in principle there I found especially striking, with the time I will be convincing.


today, the Q2 has no rival in its category, premium. Do you respond to Mercedes and BMW?

Where there has not been any risk, or creativity excessive to some, has been on the inside. Audi already has us accustomed to these dwellings that are cutting edge to the pair that minimalist and highly technological. Of course the quality is like that of any other model of the house, although on this occasion I have not liked the door panels. They are plastic, and not from that which seems to be expensive. This is a detail that affects the sense of category premium. Despite this, and as expected, is far ahead of its competitors and the average for the segment.

The Q2 is intended for a young audience, or especially interested in keeping your life and your social networks up to date. The mobile is an extension of your body, and being constantly connected is almost an obligation. That’s why a lot of the technology from the Q2 used in the connectivity. The car becomes an extension of your smartphone, and thanks to systems such as the Apple Car Play or Android Auto can we replicate the screens of the mobile on the screen of the dashboard. In this section there is but one that put.

Audi has opted to pre-empt their rivals germans creating the first B-SUV premium segment

But there is more technology. Especially dedicated to those who do not live their lives through the waves, but still want to get chest in terms of gadgets and pijerías. This is why they have built-in systems such as the Audi Virtual Cockpit, the wizards of driving assistance, rear view camera, high-quality, adaptive cruise control, and everything that you can think of, including a Head-Up Display drop-down. In fact it is not necessary so much, but hey, if the problem is that, it has easy solution.


The interior is a mix between the rest of the Q and the Audi A3. A lot of quality though not in all areas

One would think that with barely four metres long, the Q2 is small or impractical, but it is not so. Obviously the squares in front are the best, but the rear also offer a more-than-optimal dimensions for that two and even three passengers can travel comfortably. Yes the centre tunnel so high it prevents that the third occupant central go as comfortable as the other two, but if the trip is not excessively long you can go without major problems.

note that the Q2 is smaller than the rest of direct competitors, séanse the BMW X1 or the Mercedes GLA. The Q2 actually fight against other size models such as the Nissan Juke or the Opel Mokka X, and this is bigger. What I mean by the volume of luggage space. The Audi offers nothing more and nothing less that a minimum of 405 litres, 1.050 if you break down the second row. Are about 60 litres more than the rest of its competitors, even more than an Audi A3.

The standardization has ensured that the brand not only lower costs, but also be able to enjoy mechanical more great in smaller cars. That is why the Q2 has an offer mechanical very full. Are four engines, two petrol and two diesel, and four different power ratings. From 116 to 190 HP. A range more than correct. Although diesels are the most attractions may be, we should pay much attention to the gasoline, because it can be interesting to more than one.


The utilization is maximum, with lots of space for the rear occupants

All engines, except the 1.6 TDI, can be associated with the automatic change S Tronic six or seven speed. it is Also possible to join the famous quattro of the Audi, something that is not common to see in a segment so small. The record to say that it is a configuration of the traction designed and developed to maintain his composure before a multitude of complicated situations, but not for going out of route off-road. You have to be aware of what are the limitations of a car thought to function mainly by urban environments.

Test Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI

In the holder I have raised a question: are there really you buy a diesel? Spain is a country predominantly a land of oil. Úlately the data confirm a trend data towards the petrol engines, and testing engines, as this 1.4 TFSI from the Volkswagen Group, one realizes the how and why of this change, not just a sales, mentality. It is an option that should at least be considered by all those buyers of a Q2 (and many other models).

Having tested the rest of the variants diesel, I still had to test that at the moment it is the only alternative to gasoline. However I had already had occasion to prove the glories of this engine in other models of the Volkswagen Group, as for example in the SEAT León of 2017. And once more has left me more clear that this is the best engine manufactured today, the German conglomerate. Except exceptions wild type V8 or V10. Let’s say that is the best engine to “normal”.


In certain time Mode is activated 2 cylinders. Efficiency to the max

And is that the 1.4 TFSI will not only get surprised by a complete absence of vibration, or by a softness of exceptional power, but also what can be done for a capability of saving huge thanks to the partnership with the system CoD (Cylinder on Demand). Thanks to her the four-cylinder engine is able to dispense with two of them in certain phases of the driving. That is to say that in many times you can circle with only two cylinders. And all of this without that you can keep up, because the connection and disconnection is so soft that only you will know the way in which it circulates if you take a look at the box of instruments.

As I say it is a technology that Audi used in large engines such as the Audi RS 6 or the Audi RS 7, but it is not so common to see in small blocks. The advantage is the saving, that is a lot. Let’s say that the brand puts an average consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers, during a week of testing the on-board computer came off a final average of 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers. What look where you look is a magnificent result, which forces you to ask yourself the question with which I opened this test.

But do not think that the benefits end up here, by the developers of Audi have done a great job in the remaining sections dynamic. It is a usual route and in his last works, and the truth is that it’s hard to find any sticks to the behavior of this small SUV. In fact, to this day I’m still looking for some. Chassis, brakes, engine, change direction and work in perfect harmony. It can only be blamed on some paste to the address which is not finished to transmit all the information due to an excess of assistance. But is by putting some paste.

Their preferred environment is the city. Your driving position high allows you to scan the traffic and to get by him with a lot of ease. Their actions come back to play in his favor, entering by the narrow streets and being able to park in gaps reduced. Also help to determine the limits of the car, and if for any reason you do not give with the key, there is where are the parking cameras. Everything is designed.


This type of details will appeal to all, but not out anything cheap

Out of the city, the behavior is even better. The Q2 will surprise you with good soundproofing and a total absence of vibrations. The suspension filters very well the bumps and smoothness of motion is comparable to that of other models of segment upper. All occupants will travel in a harmonious way. Truth is that there is no paste in any place, all right, as expected of an Audi.

If by any casual you delve into a land of curves and you want to go crazy you can do this fairly easily. Are 150 horses that move with a lot of fluent 1.280 kilograms of the car. This is the field where they are checked for the excellent tuning of the engine, with a delivery very energetic and a maximum torque of 250 Nm that gives everything between 1,500 and 3,500 laps. Even the S-Tronic seems to behave better than other models of the house, as is the case with the Audi Q5, which leaves quite a bad taste in the mouth.

Will have several driving modes. In all of them the behavior of Q2 is adjusted to the required

a car Is very cheerful, and despite having a higher center of gravity than a compact regular, scarcely perceived oscillations annoying in the body. Maintains the composure, thanks to a chassis left over which in the future will have to welcome more power thanks to the arrival of the Audi SQ2 and Audi RS Q2. In the case of the 1.4 TFSI yes that brings out some understeer when you enter in a curve with more joy due.


The change S-Tronic seems to have better performance than other models of the family Q

Now I have to go back to comment on a negative point. In fact the most negative of them all: the price. We all know that Audi are not cheap, but I think that in this case the germans have not known how to measure the time of fixing the cost of sale. The point of departure is 27.260 euros with discounts, but the unit tested exceeded the 42,000 euros, which honestly seem to me to be outrageous. This price takes on another perspective if we consider that an Audi A3 Sportback part of the 26.230 euros.

I Think that Audi asks for so much pasta for the Q2 because it knows that to this day has no rival in the premium segment. He also knows that it is Audi, and that everyone will want to be with one, and that the fashionable SUV does no more than to win converts, even though in 99% of the time people do not take advantage or 20% of the car. But the reality is this. If you want a Q2 you’re going to have to go through box, and the grace will not leave you anything cheap.


In this page we do not consider it appropriate to assess the price of each car, because we consider that the pocket is a very personal issue. But to do so will not fit doubt that the Q2 would be down a lot of your grade point average. Is a great car, but the price that Audi asks for the seems to me so excessive that I cannot find reason to justify it. You can be as appealing as you want, have all the quality in the world, the most cutting-edge technology and conduct are above reproach, but to ask so much money is excessive.


The Q2 1.4 TFSI achieves a great final note. The best of its category

But it is not fair to criticize the Q2 by a decision of companies. The car, the set-up work and development is sensational. If you don’t mind the money, here’s a small SUV that is going to reward you with much more of what you expect. If I have to be with something in this version is with the engine. Of truth, which I think is the best engine that is manufactured at the Volkswagen Group. Responds wonderfully and above don’t spend much more than a diesel. In a few years diesel will be dead, and in a certain way blocks like this 1.4 TFSI CoD are running out with him.