Test Audi Q2, a Q in reduced format


The color palette is so juvenile as the car itself. Highlights this yellow, so when the

Much has been said and written about the Q2 from what we saw for the first time at the Geneva motor show some months ago. With him Audi enters the spectrum more urban SUV segment, the fastest growing in terms of number of sales. The Audi Q2 is the bet to conquer a market potentially youth, and therefore it is pertrecha with a different design than that of their brothers, but with many of their lessons learned.

we will Not miss the time to say that the segment of SUVS is the fastest growing. So you just need to take a look at the figures of european sales for to realize the tremendous potential that this market has for brands. Audi has not let slip the opportunity of attracting customers to their cause, and for this reason presents us with the smallest model of the family Q, the Audi Q2.

As I say outwardly borrows some design concepts from its older brothers, but shows them in a different way. More urban in reality, as the Q2 is designed to get around the city in a way that is sophisticated and modern. Continues to present the grille singleframe, with touches of their own, but otherwise displays details unique, as the headlights or the front bumper.

With just 4,19 meters long, the Q2 is nearly 20 inches shorter than an Audi Q3, it involves a change in the line considerable. If we compare the profiles we realize that the small is more rectilinear in their auctions, while the Q3 can allow itself the luxury of ending his line more curved, because it has a higher battle and hence a greater interior space.


A new Q, the smallest, but is still an Audi

In behind the same thing happens. To make the most of the interior, Audi has had to cut more abrupt the rear, and this requires design changes with respect to your brothers, as for example the headlights that happen to be square instead of the traditional elongated. For what other has sought to finish off the youthful and urban with a C-pillar painted in a color contrasting with the body. Small details that we do not see in any other model except the Audi A1.

If we go inside we see once more the different character of this Q2. Audi repeats once more the formula to copy their peers but tocarrying details of their own, which on this occasion will extend to the customization options. The dashboard highlights for the central display that crowns it. A display that is not touch-but that is responsible for displaying all the information available of the car, except the air conditioning, which is located below.

The Q2 can be small, but it included technology in their own segments above

Audi returns to rely on the infotainment system MMI. A system that includes the latest advances in connectivity and applications download. All of this is controlled from the panel of the centre tunnel, which is located just behind the gear lever. But neither this, nor the Audi Virtual Cockpit, or the Head-Up Display is that more interest has awakened in me the inner, but the use of backlit panels with up to 10 different colors.


The inside shows the good work of Audi to make cars premium

There are many surfaces, all is said, and also does not come standard, but give it a tap as impressive as futuristic. reminds Me of the seen in any science fiction movie. It is the first car to integrate it, and although its addition is purely aesthetic, it is a detail that differentiates it from the rest and I’m sure many of your customers will end up parading at night in front of friends and acquaintances. And I understand that.

As I have already said, the Q2 is a car very important for Audi. Not only for being the first SUV urban as such, but also for being the first to have extensive customization. The A1 was already able to mutate a part of their elements to suit the tastes of its owner, but the Q2 exceeds that gap. I mean not only the different finishes of equipment, but to the different appliques and colors that these can receive. A touch of urban flavour to a SUV very youthful and urban.

In regards to space, admittedly Audi has done a great job. Obviously not talking about an Audi Q7, but given that only there are 2.6 metres between axles, it is remarkable how well spent that is the inside. For this purpose, the developers have shifted the engine towards the front, leaving so much space for the cabin and its occupants. The rear seats are better than the industry average, and despite this the trunk presents generous proportions. Are 405 litres as minimum, expandable to 1,050 when knocked down the second row of seats. As you can see, more than enough space for a common use.


The trunk is very well taken advantage of, and it is more than enough for normal use

Going to the section mechanic, the Q2 offers a wide range of engines. A range-balanced and divided into equal parts, three TDI and three TFSI. The powers range between 116 hp three-cylinder gasoline than a liter displacement and 190-horsepower from the 2.0 TDI that we all know and that we have already tested in the Audi A4. In terms of the changes they have boxes, manuals, six-speed automatic and new generation with seven.

As a good member of the family Q, the Q2 is available as an option or standard, depends on the finish, of the famous all-wheel drive quattro. If we add to this a free height with respect to the ground of 20 centimeters, we can say that the Q2 dares off the road, although if the track becomes too demanding, we must walk with care. Even so amazes the solvency of this small, rather, it is designed to climb high curbs.

Test Audi Q2 1.6 TDI 116 CV

We are faced with the alternative least powerful of all, along with the tricilindrico petrol a litre. The truth is that both have an approach and a behavior very similar. The difference between them depends on the use that we make Q2, since in function of our needs will be better to opt for one or the other. I mean.


Three variants diesel and three petrol. In the future they will add some version more sports

On the highway they are very similar. The power is the same in both cases, 116 HP. Both mount the same change of six speeds. And both have similar behavior in terms of dynamics and handling, that everything is said of step reminds me very much of an Audi A3 normal.

The difference comes in the pair. While the diesel has 250 Nm of torque, it gasoline is made up with 200. It is a difference of just 20%, but that pt can be decisive in certain times, such as overtaking or rise-of-ports. However, he gas is more quiet, which is always more comfortable to do many kilometers for city. But the truth is, for normal use, so it is good as the other one.

however, it will be the diesel which most sales take over, and I think that is the most logical choice. Especially for the little price difference that exist between the two, a mere 500 euros. As I already have the prices of the Audi Q2 will be leaving from the 25.950 euros, 26.400 for the 1.6 TDI. This difference makes it much more attractive, so it is logical that the most preferred. I also would favor for it.


Audi has redesigned the box Stronic to make it more efficient and effective

Another thing is the change. By the time Audi has not specified the price difference that will exist between the manual change of six speeds and the automatic Stronic seven. I must say that lto drive proven formed part of the manual, and you can not put a paste, because his touch is soft, with a harnessed and very good behaviour. Audi 100%. Now, if the automatic gearbox does not fire price, I would be the option I would take.

I’ve said this before, the Q2 has remembered me a lot to a A3. It is convenient, comfortable, is well finished, the quality of your materials is very good, and the space is more than enough for the day-to-day and come and go as usual. The back row has good measures in all its dimensions. The space for legs is very correct, and it is that have been able to take advantage of every last inch of the passenger compartment. Finally, the boot features a more than generous space, its 405 litres as a minimum make it very playable.

Test Audi Q2 2.0 TDI 150 CV

during the presentation I also had occasion to try the rest of the variants diesel. Although the difference between the smaller engines of the range was barely noticeable, it is so in the case of units 2.0 TDI with 150 and 190 HP. If Q2 moves well with 116 HP, you can imagine as it does with 150 and not let’s say 190. More that drugto.


part of the long list of extras, but the Audi Virtual Cockpit is always a good choice

Audi expects the best-selling is the 1.6 TDI automatic, and then the 2.0 TDI 150. It is an engine that fits like a glove to this car. If we take the principle that the power never have enough, the 150 horses is that a priori seems to me as the most complex and balanced of the fleet. The best word to define is versatility.

The variants diesel will be the most chosen, as much for consumption as for a price difference almost non-existent

If the small block may be in certain short moments, the 150 never will. Its 340 Nm make it always have the thrust required. Its acceleration and response is excellent, showing sobrado on every occasion, in narrow streets such as in highways or mountain passes. The point to contrast is the consumption. Audi homologous a reduced spending in all versions. During the testing, there was no occasion to test them, so that by the time the official figures should use.

In regards to your behavior on the road it is the same as in the previous cases. The engineers have also raised a SUV with behavior of compact. The wheels are located at the ends of the car, gives a track width greater and a better support for curves, twisty, where the Q2 behaves in a way very cheerful and solvent. Obviously better in the version of the 190 horses in the 150, but I insist that you do not need so many.


A dashboard very clean and without harshness, but with many customizable elements

depending On the version and the finish will incorporate the Drive Select. Four driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Dynamic and Individual. The truth is that the difference between them is more than remarkable. Depending on the map to select the direction, the throttle and the engine will change behavior. However at all times the Q2 is shown agile and cheerful, in this case with a character more similar to the smaller A1.


In short, Audi has been the first of the premium brands in jumping head first into the SUV segment smallest of all. The result is good, don’t doubt, however the prices don’t quite like it. I find it too expensive. Its nearly 26,000 euro starting place at the front of the list of the most expensive in the segment. What I think is that with the arrival of Q2 Audi wants that many of its customers from the A3 to be passed to the SUV. Obviously it is your opponent more clear, both in behavior as in engines as in space as in price.

despite this, no one can deny the good work done. The Q2 is a Audi, a Q, in the entire rule. Well made, good quality, good performance, comfortable, balanced, and, depending on the engine, slightly sporty. At this point we know that Audi is already in the process of development of a variant more kickass, the Audi SQ2 that will make act of presence in the coming year. If you really want to dye sports in an SUV of small size, as you should expect. That said, a good product.


I Am sure that the Q2 will be a sales success, the first-in-class premium