Test Audi Q5 2.0 TDI 190 CV, honey I shrunk to a Q7


The Q5 is completely new. Do not share anything with its predecessor, although it looks like

On this occasion, we are faced with a model that weighs a lot even on a brand like Audi. We are before an object venerated by the of Ingolstadt, and today it has become one of its fundamental pillars. The Q sold more than all, the model of Audi that more quickly reached the one million units sold, in six years, and one of the SUV best rated on the market. It is for this reason that, on this occasion I find myself before an important occasion, the first test of the Audi Q5 in its second generation.

And it is needless to say that the range Q-Audi is being a success the length and breadth of this world. Since 2006 make act of presence the Audi Q7, the brand German has done no more than increase the family SUV. And this is only the beginning, because in little time you should add more units. As you can see here that an Audi Q8 is on its way, in fact we’ve already seen it circulating on more than one occasion.

But you have to give the Audi Q5 the Audi Q5, and it is not another thing that the role of head of the family. Emerged in 2008, in crisis, and in spite of this, as I have already said, became the Audi is faster in reaching the million units sold all over the world. Something laudable, and with a merit tremendous, well over its eight years of life has sucked the biggest global financial crisis that is being recalled. But it does not affect, and is that the Q5 seems to be touched with a magic wand.

The truth is that this is a typical product that is perfect from the first time. Something rare in the world of motorsport. The creators of the first generation of the Q5 managed to develop a product that is so round and so attractive to the client, that the work that were faced in this second generation was not easy. This is why they have taken so much in to bring it to light, because the importance of the Q5 in the Audi modern is of vital importance. So a question arises: how will have managed to round up product round?


The SUV’s most successful Audi, and one of the models most important to the Ingolstadt

To others, maybe yes, but the germans don’t catch on to this. They know perfectly well to what I play, and just take a look at the new Q5 to discover that they have picked up the good thing they had and have done better. As I say the aesthetic is the clear example of my words. Q5 2017 looks very similar to its brother predecessor, and has not been an act of mere chance. It has been deliberate, with the intention of killing two birds with one stone. Let Me explain.

With this slight aesthetic change, with the nerves more marked and with a front low and wide, have made the Q5 look completely new, but at the same time have made its predecessor don’t lose resale value to resemble both the new. What was said: the germans are very clever, and play their tricks like no other. must recognize that, at least for me, I miss something more risk in the design. In fact it is so similar to that viewed from the back does not seem to change anything. But yes it does.

Check to see if the Q5 is important for Audi that has a factory for himself alone, in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico

And there is obviously saying that it looks a lot like its older brother, which borrows the most important part of a car: the platform. The new Q5 uses the platform MLB of the Volkswagen Group, so now not only looks like the Q7 on the outside, but also inside. In fact what has made Audi has been shrink an Audi Q7. And that, again, are big words.


it Might seem that we are faced with a Q7, but not

This fact is more noticeable on the inside. To equip the same structure, the Q5 is capable of having the same technology as its bigger brother, and it is a lot. There are only a couple of items that it is not able to incorporate: the wizard of night vision, and the rear axle addressable. The first of them is done on purpose so that the Q7 is still the flagship, and second, because it is simply not necessary. No more, no less. Otherwise, you can have the one, you can have the other.

Audi defines this generation of the Q5 as a great technological burden, and is not for less. Despite the fact that the latest evolutions of the predecessor had been included in many systems, they are nothing compared to the new one. Head-Up Display, Audi Virtual Cockpit, Audi MMI Plus of the latest generation, charging by induction, connectivity with Android and iOs, Google Maps, air suspension adaptive, all-wheel drive quattro ultra… And a long list of features that will leave you with your mouth open when you configure a Q5.

And best of all is that all of these items and gadgets are displayed in the usual passenger compartment of Audi. Each brand has as a kind of mark as registered in respect of interiors, and the new batch of Audis they all go out with interiors that, for me, are the envy of the industry. The materials chosen are of extremely high quality, as the process of manufacture and assembly of the same. It is a premium car, and although the old man already had quality, the new humbles him in this aspect.


a Lot of technology, even though it shows up stylish and sophisticated

Now, if there’s some but that can be attributed to the old, that is not other than the space. To solve the ballot the Audi have thrown in so easy. What we lack space for the rear seats and to the trunk? So make it bigger. Obvious, but how much more? Therefore, a total of 35 millimeters. An increase that directly breakthrough to the first post of length with respect to its rivals: BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, and Volvo XC60. Normal that the new has more space.

The good thing is that not only is it bigger in length, but it is also larger in battle. She alone eats (13 millimeters) of the total growth, and obviously is something that is felt on the inside. The squares in front are perfect, as is the driving position of the driver, and now add the rear seats have more space, both for legs and for shoulders. The only but that I put is that the tunnel transmission subtracts space to the plaza in the rear, and if you add to this a seat more narrow, the fifth occupant will be the journey more uncomfortable, but not as much as it did before.

In trunk, the growth is also noticeable. The old man was scarce in terms of volume, and by this, the new lift the minimum volume to 100 litres. 550-610 litre capacity that vary in function of the longitudinal position of the rear bench, which on this occasion is folded in a proportion 40:20:40. If we take the second row down, the volume grows exponentially up to 1.550 liters. In this figure the Audi tied with their two rivals more direct.


The new Q5 has improved on the weak points of its predecessor, and the space is now much larger

Time to move on to the section mechanic. Here is where the Q7 and the Q5 separated their paths, and to which the Q5 does not go to the Audi A4 takes him by the hand. Both will share a large part of the fleet mechanics. That is to say that the offer will be predominantly composed of blocks with a diesel engine, to which are added, some units gasoline. In the branch diesel we find a novelty with respect to the past generation, the 2.0 TDI 163 CV. The top of power is accompanied by the letter S. Until the arrival of the Audi RS Q5, which will be in a few days, the most powerful of the range will be the Audi SQ5 with a petrol engine V6 of 352 horses.

Outside the field of the motor, the other novelty is the replacement of the automatic gearbox triptronic for the advanced S Tronic. in Addition to the Q5 for the first time may have four different types of suspension: Dynamic (standard), adaptive, adjustable (dumper control) and pneumatic adaptive. The latter is the jewel in the crown, and the more versatility it is able to give you the new Q5, for in due time you will have up to six different programs with six different heights, from 175 millimetres in normal mode up to 220 centimeters in mode Allroad.

And is that Audi wants the Q5 to be able to touch earth so simple that it touches asphalt, although the habitual driver of a Q5 never do so. So all versions except the access, the 2.0 TDI of 150 HP, and the mount V6 engines, will be standard with the quattro ultra. It is the most modern and up-to-date all-wheel drive Audi. A complex system that to summarize, it is able to disconnect the propulsion of the rear axle whenever possible, thus allowing the displacement to be performed by the front wheels. A cost-saving measure because there are fewer parts that are touching each other.


The air suspension allows us to configure the height of the Q5 at our whim

finally, before discussing the behavior, how much to pay for an Audi Q5? Well, the brand has provisions for several levels of sales. The core now includes bi-xenon headlamps, package Safety&Service, electric gate, sistemPre Sense City and interior mirror anti-glare. For 2,800 euros more will get access to the Advance package, for up to 2,500 euros more than this, we arrive at the level Design, which before was not, and if finally we add 3,000 euros reached the highest level of all, the S Line. In summary, the starting price of an Audi Q5 is situated 40.550 euros. A lot of money.

Test Audi Q5

So, after analyzing the changes to the new Q5 is to know if they have managed to make a dent in driving. And I’ll summarize in a word: IF. Audi has not only improved his SUV more successful in terms of technology, but also what has been done in terms of dynamism and driving. Add the platform MLB has been a success. What you have first gotten the Q5 is to be more light, up to 90 kilograms less, and also more rigid.

With this we already have a lot of cattle, but in addition there are added tweaks and adjustments that sincerely complete the work. Throughout the presentation I had the opportunity to test the a priori will be the alternative most chosen by the buyers; the Q5 2.0 TDI 190 HP with change S Tronic seven-speed and traction quattro ultra. I believe that this will be the most sold because it is the most balanced in terms of price, performance and consumption. Although there are lights and shadows in this configuration.


The driving position is excellent and it is very fast and easy to find the position

The regulations EURO6 is causing havoc in terms of behavior and performance of engines. The european regulations of emissions are becoming so strict so fast that it forces manufacturers to “castrate” the engine so that you can comply with emissions targets. We all want to contaminate less and save more, but not at any price, and as has happened to me on other occasions, the Q5 blames an engine problem.

In theory 190 HP should be more than enough to drive a Q5, and they are, but in certain moments, these do not appear to be available to the driver. Let Me explain. The engine develops its maximum power between 3.800 and 4,200 rpm, while the maximum torque, the force of the engine, is to be found between 1,750 and 3,000 laps. That is to say that at an early stage of the acceleration, we find ourselves with a lot of thrust, outstanding in fact, but what happens when we move out of this comfort zone?

The mechanical version of access to the new Q5, the 2.0 TDI 150 horses, it will always be associated with a manual gearbox and front-wheel drive

Therefore, the engine dies. The whole engine and change is configured to be as efficient and thrifty as possible. box S Tronic searching all the time to climb up to be able to pollute and spend less, and therefore, it is able to cut the thrust of the engine. In normal driving there is no problem. Driving on motorway nothing happens, because it quickly reaches the seventh speed and stays there the greater part of the journey. In the city there is also no problem, because acostumbraremos to circular gear shorter, so that almost always there will be a push more than correct.


The change S-Tronic seven-speed lastra to the Q5 in some other time

But in other scenarios, the thing gets more tricky. For example, in a mountain pass, or even in a more common case; a national road at the time of overtaking. As I have already said, the engine and the change try at all times to circulate in the most sparing possible, even below the optimal range of torque, so if for any reason we need more delivery of the engine, hard to find it. box in addition to not responding as quickly as you might expect, and it seems to take time until you really see what you’re asking for. Something that has not happened to me when I had the opportunity to test the Audi A4 with the same engine and change.

There are three ways to solve the problem. The first of them is to press the accelerator to the fund, by kick-down. Here the S Tronic itself that it understands quickly what you are asking for, and quickly lower the gear needed. to Put the change in sequential mode and work from paddles behind the wheel. In this case we’ll be the ones to tell you to change what you want and so we will be able to stretch the gears all you want. And finally, it is telling the system that we want a mode of dynamic driving, because of the common form circulating in the auto mode, which searches for the best savings, because we go back to the beginning.

Only in these cases you will have problems with the motor set, and change, because out of them the behavior is above reproach. The chassis is far above the car, and it will be apparent that it can withstand more power. I refer you to the Audi RS Q5 that we’ll see in a few days at the Geneva motor show. In a stretch of curves is excellent, with more agility than expected, and with a capacity of reaction very high. At this point we must also thank the air suspension adaptive that brought the unit tests.


The Virtual Cockpit is a past, a lot of information and always a clear way

With her not only get superior comfort, but also a greater versatility for various cases, as for example to upload the free height of the car doing a bit of offroad. The truth is that it works great. Barely produce oscillations in the changes of direction and holds the type for very aggressive that you are. Although, of course, if we want the Q5 to be more powerful, dynamic and agile, we will have to take the hand of the sports suspension, although this does not vary its height.

otherwise the Q5 is discovered as a perfect wheeler. A car ideal for mile after mile without a murmur. Has caught the quality of life of his older brother and has adapted it for himself. I don’t doubt that I am before one of the SUV more comfortable in the market, both for the quality of rolling and the isolation of the passenger compartment. And as I have already said, is thrifty. Audi puts an average consumption for the 2.0 TDI 190 HP from 4.9 liters. During the presentation it was not possible to verify this, but I got the feeling that it is able to roll beneath the six litres with a certain degree of ease.


After more than 1.6 million units sold around the world, comes the second generation of the bestselling Audi, the Q5 2017. The formula adopted has been simple, take an Audi Q7, and to reduce it in scale. upgrade aesthetics add a great display technical and technological. The new Q5 picks up the baton from its predecessor, while maintaining the qualities that he had in addition to improve every one of your weak points. A work of 10 to which we are accustomed to the German mark.


Audi has managed to round off the round. The new Q5 is better than its predecessor

Is more spacious than the old one, with more quality and with a better dynamic behavior. However, not everything is perfect, and the whole 2.0 TDI 190 HP with automatic gearbox S Tronic could be better. Is excellent in most times, but at other shows too lazy and sparing. Things in the world today there are also that say. The Q5 nor is it particularly cheap, although it is true that it is in the middle of the segment in which it is lodged. With all the cards on the table is to recognize that the Q5 is a good choice, and surely, your new generation will be as successful as the first.