Test: BMW 2 Series Convertible 218i: consumption Test and conclusions

Four people with the trunk full to the top. The hood is canvas and has a compartment-specific. It is fully electric, but to be able to put it down, it is necessary to enable a gate which occupies a considerable height in the narrow trunk, so it all depends on the luggage. In our case, two big lumps and several daypacks were friendly and allowed to be able to have the hole for the canopy and therefore make part of the journey with the mane in the wind. Although this was short-lived and later we explain why.

The tank is full and according to the computer I can do something less than 700 miles with its 52 litres approximate deposit. We’ll see. In the boot the car is not shaken as one would expect of a three-cylinder, but the engine generates a vibration on the body when turned off. It seems like a minor detail, but with a Start/Stop continually acting in the city gets to be a bit uncomfortable… but after you get used to it. And if you don’t like it, you can disconnect via a button that sits on top of the push-button start of the vehicle, which by the way makes it without a key, as all BMW. Only the BMW Z4 has a hole to insert the key and start the car. In the rest of models already is not necessary.

A three-cylinder engine tends to create a vibration on the body, because the engine is more restless than a propeller of four cylinders. The same happens with the jump from four to six cylinders. But in this BMW has been known to compensate for this defect and it is amazing how little is filtered out of the gaps. Miss that in the cabin the engine to get a little more sound; something more than adrenaline.


The 17-inch wheels are correct for aesthetics and size. But they are optional

at The beginning, the excess of comfort and low noise of the propellant to produce the curious effect of circular with the engine in a regime of high revolutions without realizing it. It is not until you get past 4,500 rpm that you realise that a long time ago you had to have gone up a gear… or two. Has indicator of gear change, but is located in an area with very little visible in the lower part of the box of instruments, and although the display of commands is generally very good, never make the case to the flag unless you want.

More than 500 kilometers

We left in the direction of Saragossa by the highway A-2, choosing stretches of toll at the beginning to avoid certain tax withholdings. Of course, with the top down because it’s a sunny day and the windows rolled up to reduce the effect of wind in the passenger compartment of the car. The windshield is in a position to be delayed and the door frame at shoulder height, to protect the driver and front passenger at all times. Especially when you climb the windows.

Not so happens with the inhabitants of the second row of seats by the rear view mirror I see how they struggle to maintain a comfortable posture without the wind is a nuisance. it Is impossible that with the small glass that is the rear window is to isolate the turbulence of the wind. To tell the truth, these turbulence are transferred to the driver and front passenger if you don’t have the spoiler put on, but to do this inutilizas the second row of seats.


sports Seats with a mixture of fabric and leather. The interior is perfect for this Cabrio

The first conclusion that we draw is that it is difficult to travel more than 100 miles without someone proposing to re-capotar the car. Said and done. In little more than 20 seconds we have the canvas on your site, acoustic insulation and sublime. It is impressive that despite being a sunroof and fabric, it can isolate both the sound. Can be operated on the move, even though logically to a speed of movement more low.

we Continue with the trip, where a series of valleys filled with ups and downs are going to be put to the test the vehicle. Thanks to the BMW Driving Experience Control (of series), we have three driving modes: Sport, Comfort and ECO PRO. Since we know of plenty of other vehicles, and with a Sport mode more reactive, we arrive at an ECO PRO mode more lazy that look for the efficiency of the car.

we Must lead with the latter to verify the virtues of the BMW 2 Series Convertible 218i of 136 HP that on paper, signature acceleration from 0-100km/h in 9,4 seconds and 9.6 if you have automatic gearbox. You can achieve 207km/h, enough to get into the prison on any road. It has a maximum torque of 220 Nm, which is not bad and the delivery from 1,250 rpm and maximum power is delivered between 4,500 and 6,000 rpm.


The backs of the rear seats are too upright for long trips

In ECO PRO mode miss the mode to the candle itself brings the automatic gearbox (decouples the gearbox from the engine when you lift your foot from the accelerator to take advantage of the inertia available and optimize energy). The program ECO PRO is presented only as a good option for certain stretches in this particular car, because with this driver and with the car loaded and four people on board, the increases forced down by levers to find power, and this triggers the consumption. All of this forces the driver to maintain a rate of speed above the legal limits to cope with in sixth relationship to the next rise without an energy loss of considerable, or increased demands of the tragaderas: in summary. A greater expenditure of fuel.

In COMFORT, the outlet of the engine is greater, and it is in that we recommend that you drive on the majority of occasions in order to maintain a linearity and does not have to resort frequently to the gearbox. Change of modes is made by means of a key located to the left of the shifter that requires no effort or distract the view of the road. If you are approaching an area of straight-bound, so we switched to ECO PRO mode again. Do they come ups? Then COMFORT.

The SPORT mode is more reactive and lively, but of course we tend to raise the car to rpm and is therefore less efficient. however, it is very useful in lanes of acceleration or to overtake a vehicle that interrupts the smooth rhythm of running. The three driving modes are perfectly integrated in the car and serve for specific times.


The color looks like black until the sun comes up. Then it shows its true beauty

With all this we arrive to Zaragoza, and at an average speed of 119km/h with a consumption of 6.8 l/100km. Very tight because it is easy to see how this rises to 7.4 l/100km once you miss for the city. Without a doubt, up to this point the worst part is the led the members of the rear seats with a backrest quite straight had a problem with maintaining the comfort and asked for the change. This happened 300 km from the start of journey.

Road to Tarragona, the car went up the middle to 7.2 l/100km. several Days later, in the reverse path, once again, to 7.2 l/100km coming to Zaragoza and back to Madrid we were able to adjust it to 6.9 l/100km. In short, an average of 7.0 l/100km in the worst situation for the car, which is loaded to the gills. In total, almost 700 km of autonomy promised to the car, the car can perform, depending on routes, some 650 kilometers with a full tank.

But the story does not end here, because once we landed in the capital again, we were able to submit to examination for the day-to-day. Called the attention of the rest of the drivers, because the truth is that the point emotional this BMW is very high. It is known that it is a little car affordable because willing to fork out 40,000 euros, will usually choose a more rational option and practice. How fortunate the one who can buy this car! Between withholding daily, the car consumes 8,5 l/100km, but one learns that between 80km/h and 100km/h, the BMW 218i Convertible is capable of giving consumption instant of around 5-6l/100km. So if the roads are your playground, without a doubt, you can write to us saying that your unit consumes almost as what the manufacturer approvals, which is this case is an average of 5.5 l/100km.


Without a doubt, the behind is one of the most aesthetic of the car

finally, mention that the feel of the manual gearbox (it is tending to disappear, particularly in models of high range), it is pleasant, quite hard (the unit had 1200 miles nothing more to pick it up), and allows you to engage gears intuitively. You miss a shorter travel between gears even and odd, but this issue is what reserve to the BMW M, which, unfortunately, except for the BMW M2 and BMW M3/M4, where we can optionally take manual, get used to living with automatic gearboxes only… and know that they are really great, but this 2-Series Cabrio has given us a bit of purity, which lacked in.

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