Test BMW 3 Series GT 320d, when you have three cars in one

Today, in the Present Engine, we tested the BMW 3 Series GT, and what we do with your version 320d. It was the year 2013 when the firm bavarian was launching this model. It is a product of weird by mixing various types of car in one. On one hand we have a saloon car, for another a family and on the other a coupe. What were you looking to the brand with this car, BMW 3 Series GT?

BMW wanted to create a car more spacious than the 3 Series saloon and 3 Series Touring, taking its base of these, and also to provide a differentiation aesthetics with a silhouette very soft that died abruptly in the rear, a tailgate raised. The result? A product more spacious, versatile and comfortable, but less sporty that the rest of the range and, probably, not so nice. Last year, the model received this restyling that today we put to the test.

Several cars in one

As we said a few lines above, the BMW 3 Series GT has sought to be a product that is more versatile than the rest of the 3 Series, but not for that, it has had to offer a body-type SUV. dimensions are much larger than those of their brothers of range. Measured 4,82 meters long, 1,83 wide and 1.51 for the high, with a wheelbase of 2,92 meters. In this way, if compare with a 3 Series berlina is almost 20 cm longer, 2 cm wider and 8 cm higher up, offering a battle 11 cm higher.

The face washing has not been very deep on this 3 Series Gran Turismo, getting some visual changes, equipment and mechanical. Our unit is equipped with the sports package M, which adds to the bumpers, sideskirts, wheels and some other details differentiators in its outward appearance. The front is more aggressive, with marked forms very marked. In any case, it is still very recognizable as a BMW for their “double kidney”. The headlights are now LED (and adaptive in our unit), replacing the previous model that he had brought from xenon.

In the eye side we can clearly see the differences in shapes and proportions with a 3 Series saloon or Touring I we cited a few paragraphs above. The BMW 3 Series GT has a body with silhouette of a coupe but very high. Since the start of the front windshield shape is smooth up to the end of the moon back, but falls suddenly and vertically.

In the images, to be a body so elongated, it does not give the impression of being a car high, but the metro does not fail, and the more than 1.5 in height confirms to us that its height is high. The same happens to us with the tires, which are 19 inches and in the pictures they appear to be considerably smaller. A detail to note is that your doors have no top frame, as in the authentic coupe.

behind takes on the common design of the pilots lights for BMW, with LED lighting. On them, at the edge of the tailgate, a spoiler is deployed to overcome the 110 km/h automatically, although you can also open it when we want with a button located on the driver’s door, next to the adjustment of the mirrors. Finally, in the lower-left corner appears a double outlet exhaust and circular chrome-plated that enhances the sportiness of our unit.

Take a seat and relax

Without a doubt, the great strength of this BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is its interior space. The brand was looking for mainly amplitude, and thats what he got. Yes, it is also true that the exterior is considerably larger than that of his brothers saloon and Touring. In the squares in front you will not find many differences with the rest of the range, although yes we are (or so we thought) in a higher position and have more margin in height.

The main dish your rear. To “stretch” the wheelbase, passengers in the back seats enjoy a big space for your legs. By placing the driver’s seat tailored to my height (I’m 1,76 meters), I left over many centimeters to the height of the knees. The head room is not as good as the legs, but persons of 1.80 will be able to travel without rubbing with the head on the ceiling. The central square is noticeably less profitable than the side ones because, as usual, is hard and narrow and is elevated. In addition, the tunnel of transmission is prominent and uncomfortable enough.

with Respect to trunk, also wins by a landslide to a 3 Series saloon. We have gate, which is always a plus of practicality, that you can open and close with move your foot below the bumper. Once opened, we find ourselves with a load space of 520 liters, some forms of very straight and various gaps, rails and hooks to distribute and hold our luggage. Under the central area there is a double background, as a curiosity, it can be kept open thanks to a pump, a hydraulic. If you folded down the second row of seats the space increases to 1,600 liters capacity.

Settings and qualities made in BMW

Depending on the version, the equipment and the optional chosen the interior will have a few endings or other. Our unit is very loaded of extras, in addition to the finish marina M. In this way, we find ourselves with a design very typical of BMW where everything is orderly and to hand. The main screen, 8.8 inch, is located in a high position and is not at all integrated into the dashboard, which improves your vision while driving.

moldings in tone aluminium along with the inserts blue bring a plus of sportiness, like the sporty steering wheel and the footrest for the driver of aluminium. This unit also includes leather Dakota and stitched blue on the seats, which also incorporate electrical regulation in both the driver and the front passenger.

materials are very good, both for its cushioned to the touch as not to introduce cracks when you press on the corners of the same. The steering wheel also features a touch fabulous, something very to be thankful for. Yes, we think that this car should bring electronic parking brake, because do not look for a driving dynamics and your philosophy house, with a parking brake button that with a traditional one. Another aspect to highlight, on this occasion for good, it is his sound equipment, Harman/Kardon, although it costs a whopping 1.290 euros, makes your car a real concert hall.

Four families mechanical

The range of engines available in the BMW 3 Series GT will be divided into four families. On one hand we have the blocks tetracilíndricos diesel, on the other tetracilíndricos of gasoline, the family six-cylinder diesel and, to finish, the six-cylinder petrol engine. All are supercharged and, depending on the versions, may be associated with changes to the automatic or manual propulsion and rear or integral xDrive.

In diesel four-cylinder we have the variants 318d and 320d, with there being no option for the “18” to attach to the wheel drive xDrive. The 318d makes 150 HP, while the 320d eroga 190 HP. If we pass to the family of six-cylinder in the line of oil appear the 330d and 335d, both of which necessarily is associated with the wheel drive xDrive. The first develops 258 HP, while the second delivers 313 HP.

In the section gasoline four-cylinder engine we find the 320i and 330i. The 320i produces 184 HP, while the 330i, which can be associated to propulsion simple or comprehensive, has 252 HP at full performance. The range of six-cylinder gasoline is composed only by the version 340i. This variant is the most powerful of the entire range and delivers nothing less than 326 HP at 5,500 rpm. Power more than enough to move forward with a lot of solvency.

320d and automatic change-over: the proven and the most balanced

As we have said, we tried a variant 320d. Use a block of 1.995 cubic centimeters with 16 valves and a supercharger by using a variable geometry turbocharger. 190 HP are achieved at a rate of 4,000 rpm, while its maximum torque of 400 Nm is present between 1,750 and 2.500 rpm. Our unit mounted on the automatic sports Steptronic with 8 preset speeds. Its average consumption approved is 4.6 l/100 km

The supply of power ranging from 184 HP 320i up to the 326 HP of the 340i. The version probada, with engine 320d and automatic change-over, we have been very balanced for the common use of this car. Not being a vehicle to look for sensations, sports, the automatic change will be a good ally for the driver, because it is soft and pretty smart in both low-speed manoeuvring such as expressways.

from the motor in itself, is not a mechanical explosive that leave you glued to the seat to sink the right foot, but his performance allows you to gain speed quickly and forward without problems roads of a double meaning though we are loaded. In cold and at low speed, yes it shows in their sound, but once it takes temperature and/or increase the running speed is completely unnoticeable.

Nor is it a mechanically very thirsty. With tours of all kinds, and driving without regard for the fuel consumption, we obtained a consumption of 6.5 l/100 km after about 800 km of testing, which is not all that high if we take into account that we have a tourism high, 190 HP, automatic, with tires 225/45 front and 255/40 rear, on both axes with 19-inch alloy wheels.

Less dynamic, but more comfortable

once in place with the BMW 3 Series GT we realize that his behavior is not “as BMW” as the rest of Series 3. The bavarian manufacturer created it as a car to travel, and that is why its configuration is more oriented to the comfort that sportsmanship. Its soundproofing and poise on the road is very accomplished, absorbing also the irregularities of the terrain in a magisterial way; and that we 19-inch alloy wheels with tires runflat, low profile, and a sport-tuned suspension M harder than the series.

This comfort has its disadvantages when looking for fun in roads tacking. Between the weight of almost 1,700 kilos along with a large wheelbase make it significantly more clumsy than the 3 Series saloon. It is for this reason that, looking for the limits, display a trend clearly subviradora. For its part, when it loses grip it does so in a gentle way and the electronic aids take us out soon of the trouble.

Where worst this model is in tight maneuvers. Their large size and long battle complicate find a parking space in the fit. Luckily, to maneuver at low speed, you have a good ally as it is the reversing camera, which provides sharp images and a great range of vision. Another point in favor of the unit tested is the system of opening and closing the tailgate, you just move your foot below the bumper will open and close. Ideal for when we go very loaded, to make the purchase, for example.

we do Not know if it is issue specific to our unit tested or if it is something widespread in this model but, when dealing with height differences without attacking them with the car completely straight (up a slope, access to garage that also has a slight lateral tilt) we have appreciated some cracks from the body. Specifically they come from the areas of the doors, something that, we understand, occurs in the absence of the framework in its upper part. Nothing more to criticize than this detail.


After several hundreds of miles with him, we have been able to learn first-hand why BMW dared to release a product as “strange” as this. Their behavior on expressways is exceptional (to normal rhythms), it is a very comfortable car and roomy for travel, the cargo space is very generous and your aesthetic is different to what we are used to. It also has its negative points, as the less agility and sportiness with respect to a 3 Series saloon or Touring; but as there are tastes of all kinds and people who are attracted by the image of the brand while seeking a more quiet and greater ease-of-use, has its logic.

yes, we must remember that it is more large and less practical to drive on city than their brethren in range, is not going either by high the difference of price between the one and the other. The BMW 3 Series (sedan) start in the 34.300 euro, the Touring part of the 36.300 euros and this, the BMW 3 Series GT, it costs 40.750 euros in your version of access. Our unit, with a very complete equipment and many extras slightly exceeds the € 70,000; an amount very high.

Equipment on the BMW 3 Series GT

3 Series GT

  • Airbags
  • Help the start slope
  • electric power Steering
  • multifunction steering Wheel with regulation on height and depth
  • Deactivation of the passenger airbag
  • LED Lighting including front fog
  • emergency Call intelligent
  • exterior Mirrors with electric adjustment and heated
  • electric Gate
  • center Armrest rear
  • Button start and stop
  • leather steering Wheel
  • Stop&Start
  • Four power windows
  • 6 speakers
  • Climate control bizona
  • light Sensor and rain
  • Three outlets 12-volt
  • Housing of the side mirrors, and door handles in body color
  • instrument cluster with TFT display
  • active rear Spoiler
  • Screen of 6.5 inches
  • alloy Wheels of 17 inches
  • Tyres with run-flat technology


  • distance Control parking PDC
  • adaptive cruise Control
  • navigation System Business
  • Mirrors, exterior and interior with anti-glare auto
  • Speed Limit Info


  • Grille with chrome finish intense
  • Bumper rear elements of design chrome
  • alloy Wheels multirradio in 18 inches
  • Monogram Luxury Line
  • Moldings and bases of the windows chrome
  • Trim pipe chrome exhaust
  • Moldings on the footboard of the door with anagram BMW
  • heated Seats
  • leather sport steering Wheel
  • chrome insert on the inside
  • Lighting of center stiles
  • lighting Package


  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches specific
  • Anagram Sport Line
  • Moldings and bases of the windows in Schwarz matt
  • sports Seats in fabric with details in “Rot” or “Grau”
  • sports leather steering Wheel with contrasting stitching in “Rot,”
  • Box of instruments with details in red
  • driving Modes including Sport+

M Sport

  • aerodynamic Package M bumper and skirts-specific
  • alloy Wheels of 18 inches specific
  • sport Suspension M
  • Different M on the sides
  • Trim input and footrest M
  • sports Seats in cloth/Alcantara
  • steering Wheel M multifunction
  • Package compartments

Price BMW 3 Series GT

Motor Change Traction Price
Motor Change Traction Price
318d 150 HP Manual 6v Rear 40.750 €
318d 150 HP Automatic 8v Rear 43.198 €
320d 190 HP Manual 6v Rear 45.727 €
320d 190 HP Automatic 8v Rear 46.448 €
320d 190 HP Auto sport 8v Rear 46.801 €
320d xDrive 190 HP Manual 6v Integral 46.500 €
320d xDrive 190 HP Automatic 8v Integral 47.192 €
320d xDrive 190 HP Auto sport 8v Integral 47.545 €
330d xDrive 258 HP Automatic 8v Integral 58.250 €
330d xDrive 258 HP Auto sport 8v Integral 58.616 €
335d xDrive 313 HP Automatic 8v Integral 61.400 €
335d xDrive 313 HP Auto sport 8v Integral 61.766 €
320i 184 HP Manual 6v Rear 42.300 €
320i 184 HP Automatic 8v Rear 44.844 €
320i 184 HP Auto sport 8v Rear 45.211 €
330i 252 HP Automatic 8v Rear 49.700 €
330i 252 HP Auto sport 8v Rear 50.066 €
330i xDrive 252 HP Automatic 8v Integral 52.200 €
330i xDrive 252 HP Auto sport 8v Integral 52.566 €
340i xDrive 326 HP Automatic 8v Integral 61.600 €
340i xDrive 326 HP Auto sporting Integral 61.981 €

As you know, this model can be configured with any of the versions mechanical ranked just above, and with any package of available equipment. The extra price to pay for the package Advantage is 2,500 euros, the package Luxury costs € 5,500, for the Sport there is out-of-pocket is 3,800 euros and the sport package M is 5.200 euros.

the Opinion of the editor

  • editor’s Rating

  • Score 4 stars
40.750 to 67.481

  • BMW 3 Series GT 320d M Sport
  • Review of:
  • Published: August 9, 2017
  • Last modified: August 8, 2017
  • exterior Design
    Editor: 75%
  • Design interior
    Editor: 85%
  • Seats, front
    Editor: 85%
  • rear Seats
    Editor: 90%
  • Editor: 90%
  • Editor: 85%
  • Editor: 85%
  • Editor: 90%
  • Publisher: 55%

Summary: We test the BMW 3 Series GT with its mechanics more balanced, version 320d with automatic transmission. The car has a very comfortable and pleasant, although it is true that you lose sportsmanship in front of the rest of the 3 Series.


  • Roominess and cargo space
  • ride Comfort
  • Operation of the assembly motor-transmission


  • high Price
  • much higher Dimensions to the 3 Series saloon
  • Less sportsmanship than the rest of the range

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