Test BMW 318d, a purchasing logic is based on 40 years of experience


it is Not simple, but the design work on the Serie3 causes will be aging really well

the history of The 3 Series is a story of success in BMW. It is far and away the best-selling model of the firm bavarian. Its birth dates back to 1975, and is coupled with the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class, the sedan is most representative of the segment D. In this occasion, I get behind the wheel of the which is the best-selling variant of all, the BMW 318d. A version that may prove to be the perfect bet if we demand a product without too much harshness, mechanical but with the always quality of BMW.

As I have already said the BMW 3 Series builds up behind your back more than 40 years of life. Four decades that not only will have served to be the BMW’s best-selling history, more than 10 million units sold, but one of the sedans average more commercialized. A work of improvement that spans from the first generation, the E21, until this last, the sixth, known by the code F30. It is in fact the oldest of all rivals in the premium segment.

The sixth generation has been around for years with us, as we saw for the first time in the year 2012. last year, BMW decided to give a small update aesthetic and technological, that is the us today. Slight modifications to the bodywork that improved the present, with an aesthetic that is, by far, the most sporty and aggressive of all the rivals. Or at least to me is the one I like most.

despite almost four years in the market hardly changes, the 3 Series is still looking as good as the first day. BMW always gives his models a race more sports, the same that carries imbued in their DNA. The ribs marked with the wheel arches prominent are its hallmark, like the typical kidney grille up front that they are something more than a symbol. Are a symbol more recognizable than the logo of the firm.


despite not being an M3 the Series can look very attractive and sporty in all its levels

I Am of the opinion that a vehicle of this type should look always finishing with the most elegant of all that you have. In this case it did because it equates the level of Luxury, which to my mind presents a perfect balance between refined style and sporty feel. Is an expensive car and that means that the customer type will not be especially young. However, as aesthetics is not a matter of ages, BMW has more levels, which in that case yes, demonstrate that a BMW can get to be aesthetically powerful without your engine to accompany you.

In this case we enter in the field M. If we opt for this package, which I repeat is not wearing the unit tests, we get that the 3 Series will look a little bit more to the BMW M3, although without reaching the level of this course. Are aesthetic touches that do enhance the feeling of sportiness, and that allows BMW have a 3 Series for each of the potential buyers. However, I repeat, I like it any way. You may have an image view, but the truth is that it is aging marvelously, as has already happened to the generation E30, E36 and E46.

Leaving to one side the outside and penetrating into the passenger compartment, I have to say that it quickly identifies the style BMW, and I’m not saying just by the smell. From a few years ago the germans we are presenting an interior quite similar among their models. This causes the loss of part of differentiation but nevertheless generates that feeling of being in front of a BMW with only open the door.


The interior is like that of any other BMW, well finished and with a lot of feeling of quality

there is nothing to reproach in terms of comfort, even in standing the 3 Series boasts a passenger compartment perfectly designed and built. The materials are very good, the systems, buttons, screens and controls are placed in a logical one is done quickly. Another advantage of having all the interiors the same. The driving posture in this case yes it is different, because unlike other rivals, the Series 3 allows you to go very low, with a regulation of the seat is very large, both long and high.

The 318d is the best-selling model of BMW, A purchase logic though expensive. The quality must be paid and the emblem also

Where has always suffered from the BMW is to the time of access to the rear seats. The truth is that at this point there stands out, as rivals like the Audi A4 that we already tested, we can put red in the face with ease. Nor is it that it is the car most inaccessible in the world, but difficult to understand that a family model of this complexity to enter their rear seats. An elderly person or person with certain mobility restrictions can be a maneuver, not very easy to complete. Yes the leg room is more than enough, though the square in the middle pay the consequences through a tunnel of transmission very high.

it Is curious that in figures volume of trunk, the 3 Series matches the data of its two German rivals. 480 litres as a minimum that you have specific measures rectangular and very right that allow you to take advantage of every one of those litres. Yes the mouth is not excessively high, although it is wide. There will be No problems at the time to put luggage long though if it is bulky we will have to maneuver the load so you can enter. A space really practical, in fact it seems to have more liters than that contained in your tab.


The trunk, with their rectangular shapes allows you to take advantage until the last liter

it Is time to talk technology. The truth is that the world changes very quickly, and the technology is today one of the main reasons of purchase. Therefore BMW was forced to update the Series 3 last year, so he could look more advanced systems, being able to equate to your competition, especially the Audi A4, which to their benefit is the most modern of the three.

But the BMW was not far short and was able to do an excellent job. The 3 Series is not the most modern of all the models of the German brand, but still has more elements than we really need. Series the technological level is more than high. To improve the existing feature four trim levels: Advantage, Luxury, Sport and M Sport.

With respect to the level of the unit tests, finishing Luxury, this implies an extra price of € 7,400, the most expensive after the M Sport. But thanks to him we can have access to rims of between 17 and 19 inches, headlights, LED, navigation system Business, parking sensors, cruise control with braking function, heated front seats, climate control and sports steering wheel.


The camera 360 is a extra that is worth having in account

that Is to say, an equipment fairly complete, although that yes, everything that we want to include more, we will have you scratching your pockets, because as is often the case in the usual way in the premium brands, the price of the extras you can get to raise the final price to an alarming degree. In fact the test unit bordered on the 58.000 euros configurator. A price that all seems a bit too much. Although later will detail the findings.

It’s time to jump to the section dynamic. To that land where BMW moves like a fish in the water, and where the Number 3 should stand out above the rest. As I have already said, the mounted unit was the second of access in the branch diesel, the block 318d. This engine TwinPower Turbo makes do with four cylinders and two liters of displacement to develop a power of 150 HP. Coupled to the same had an automatic change that ensures not only the more refined ride as possible, but the maximum savings possible.

Test BMW 318d

In a market increasingly congested, where each day more and more brands seek to fight by entering in the premium segment, hard to differentiate and mark a style. However this does not happen to BMW, that with those 40 years of accumulated experience, is very clear what is what you have to do to make the Series 3 follow in the highest positions of the sales table. Although that does not mean they know how to adapt to the times and the demands of modern.


The 150 hp, the 318d is more than correct, although in certain situations don’t bring out

anyone who buys a BMW does so called for good sportsmanship or for the quality. Your emblem is synonymous with quality, and the 3 Series has always been identified as the best saloon half of the segment. In fact, the fantastic M3 remains, despite competition, the sports saloon that you have to buy if you are looking. By the way recently we had the occasion to try each and every one of the generations.

The 318d, with its 150 HP, which a priori presents the balance more right for normal driving. I was surprised how comfortable and comfortable you can become, despite the fact that the sound of your engine is not extremely pleasant. It is an excellent wheeler and at this point I thought that the extra harshness in the suspension would cause him to lose ride quality. But on the contrary. As I have already said it is very comfortable, quiet and relaxing. An ideal car for hundreds of kilometers of quiet.

The difference between the manual switch and the automatic is 2,500 euros. An extra that is really worth

Has three driving modes: Sport, Comfort and Eco Pro. Normal is circular in the last two levels. I have to say that the difference between them is unclear. In fact don’t need to go in Comfort mode to extract the car’s maximum quality. if you notice the jump with respect to the Sport mode. It is here where the 318d shows a better performance. The gearbox pulls the gear ratio, the steering hardens and everything becomes a little more sensitive, including the accelerator pedal.


If you can afford it do not hesitate. The automatic BMW is the best in the market

yes, one would think that with 150 HP would be more than sufficient to meet the travel without problems, and indeed they are, but with a twist. The ECO PRO mode limits the engine response. Is configured to save as much as possible, and in certain moments we may miss out on more life of the engine, having to select another map of the engine so as to be able to face any situation without problems.

motorways and expressways are their ideal locations. But as a good BMW behaves very agile on the roads more twisty. best of all is the address. Accurate, fast and quite transmission. We also note that the chassis has been tuned to be able to withstand driving more cheerful, although at certain times it can appear a little understeer, despite the fact that we are faced with a hatchback rear-wheel drive. Yes, if one is skilled, and you check value, the rear can go for a walk, being very easy to control.

As I have already said, the 318d is very well balanced, but if you of consumption we are talking about is where one realizes why it is the best-selling model of all. The germans homologous a combined fuel consumption of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. A fact that we might deem optimist, although I do not deny that in flat terrain, traveling at a speed measured is achieved. During the week of testing the computer ended up revealing a statistic of 5.2 liters on average.


Saver up to say enough is enough. Between the low intake and the tank, the autonomy is far exceeds the 1,000 Km

Many of the more than 1,000 Km test is made by highway, and taking into account that in different moments of the test, the engine was required at the maximum, the truth is that it is a fact really good. Yes, I repeat, if you ride your bike in the most conservative mode it force us to press the accelerator more than you should when the situation is complicated, and that just elevating the expense greatly. Even so, a few superb figures that make it more attractive.


it Is clear that the success of the 3 Series is more than justified. Like your reviews on these more than 40 years of life. It is a car that you can’t ask for anything more and that complies with all that is expected. It is comfortable, comfortable, thrifty, dynamic, with a lot of quality and technology. All of these qualities are payable at the time of checkout, while viewing the final result is worth it.

however, as I have already mentioned, the nearly 56.000 euros of the unit tests seem to me to be exaggerated. For that price my choice would be something less equipment and a more powerful engine. The 320d is the one to buy. It is almost 3,000 euros more expensive, but well worth it. Win in performance, you’ll never be short of engine and in addition just increases the expense. To reduce costs you can remove optional items that are not at all the resolutions, as the sound equipment of high performance. Still, it is an purchase a very good one, and that will not disappoint anyone the right.


A purchase very good, although if we want performance we will have to leave the 320d