Test BMW 540i, 340 HP in a “mini” Series 7

With the Mercedes E-Class, fresh out of the oven the bavarian manufacturer had to respond in a forceful manner. The brand of the rings, the third in discord, had not launched its new Audi A6, but in Munich the machines were operating at full capacity to have ready the new BMW 5-Series before the star won ground. Finally, the cake was uncovered. New face, new weapons and a cast of technology that some spacecraft could wish for. We started the test of the new BMW 540i, a car that re-set the bar very high. You cannot press the button without first giving thanks to Mandel BMW Engine Badajoz by us this awesome unit. Yes, now we start

half-way between sedans stockings as the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class, and “what more what more”, such as the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class, there are three models which, like the latter, they are enemies from birth. The Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class is directed toward a type of client well-off, looking for more space but don’t want to have in your garage “a boat”. Leave sensations of saloon representation, the named above, without the dock so blunt to your current account. An option to consider if you are looking for a car, comfortable, refined and of good position.

A “mini” Series 7

Precisely the new BMW 5-Series is inspired notably in its big brother, the BMW 7-Series. The inspiration is such that many speak of a 7 Series in miniature. Be that as it is true that the design of the 5 Series puts us squarely in an atmosphere of 7 Series, since both the front, as the profile, such as the shots of the rear have been completed with the same brush. Without a doubt, where the new saloon takes the cake is in the front. You gain strength, you risk a little more. The new BMW 5 Series, looks at us in this edition with more sportiness thanks to the line of the pilots, the known nerves of the bonnet and bumper design.

Although don’t get me wrong. I told you that the front takes the cake, yes, but not for that reason have neglected the behind. On this occasion the tide change, and if from my eyes, I say to you the front wins sportsmanship, the back also wins, but elegance. The fineness of the pilots is responsible, despite the fact that with the dual exit exhaust, trapezoidal shapes, look for that daring side that can never be missing in the exterior design of a BMW. The line comes up to this area so clean, so in the profile we see a nerve more aesthetic and little more. Well yes, the auction which we also see in the 7 Series in the bottom near the side skirts.

Up to 100 kg lighter

One of the keys to the body of the new BMW 5-Series is the work that have been completed in terms of materials. Thanks to the use of elements lighter have managed to stop the bácula 100 kg before, subtracting all of that weight to the body of the model. All this bearing in mind that win in centimeters, ending with 4,93 m length, 1,47 m in height and 1,86 m wide. In addition, also win in options, finding different llamémosles “outfits” to dress your body. The most elegant, and the one that you see in the image, because it shines in our test unit, is the finishing Luxury, that part in a few 4.349 euros. For a few 3.077 euros you can have with the online Sport, it is geared more towards the sporty side. Although for good sportsmanship, we have the well-known package M, which will enlarge the rate a few 6.272 euros.


The feelings that I climbed in the passenger compartment of the new BMW 5-Series are similar to those that you would find, I say, because if what I found would have to feed me in the air for a few months, in the first-class seats of a plane. These huge seats, with ventilation, are lined in leather and feature function massage, seem to tell my back that is “in house”. The rest improved significantly compared to the past generation. New instrumentation, digital and with a finish that is much more colorful than analog, and a center console, which as usual is geared towards the driver.

big screen that are placed at the top of the above-mentioned center console is the one that collects much of the information of the various systems of the new BMW 5-Series. It is a touchscreen, has a correct height, located to the view with a simple twist of the head, and has a size of 10,25 inches. In addition to it, we when we want to use gestural control, one of the modern systems that accompany this generation. Meanwhile, the tunnel transmission is complete with the elegant gear selector, the wheel of the system of info-entertainment and boutonniere, as that gives access to the different modes of driving.

The new BMW 5-Series seeks to convince us also to get on to him, why no detail of the cabin has been left to chance. Depending on which of the three finishes that we have mentioned, the interior will look more elegant or more sporty, although, in general, we can conclude with some ideas. Without any doubt, what I liked most is the cleanliness and order that it breathes, though it has also been brought a little piece of my heart the new steering wheel. The interior of BMW’s have a reputation of sinning spartans, feelings that have changed with the passage of the generations. In addition, quality is their hallmark, and it is critical in this segment, finding a soft material both in the higher areas of the dashboard and under the same.

More spacious than the previous one

Analyzing the space of the BMW 5-Series, I focus on their rear, since the front row was expected to camparas to your heart. The rear row you win some inches and improved with respect to the generation F10. The occupants of these seats to travel now more comfortable, providing more space for the knees. Even the third place invites you to travel, as though the tunnel of transmission can incordiar the width is correct. As for the trunk, I can tell you that it will not be the section that will swing the balance between it and the Mercedes Class E. The capacity is of 530 l., similar to the star, and the dimensions, with a wide mouth and a few useful forms, are successful.

Chivalrous as the most

Except for the roar that emanates from the rear, well you should know that under the skin of this BMW 5-Series, there are more than 300 horse power looking forward to getting out to gallop, the rest of sensations are rather oriented towards the softness. And is that this new generation is to the level of the previous edition of the 7 Series in comfort, since it seems that the wheels are touching the road with the same harmony and smoothness that the rod strokes the strings of the violin. I venture to assure you that it is the most outstanding part of this section, but there are still more.

BMW 540i, the gasoline more powerful… of time

In this moment I uploaded to the BMW 5-Series G30 more potent that sells the brand. While the M5 follow in his cave waiting to come out to bite the Mercedes-AMG E63 and the Audi RS6 Avant, the 540i will continue to be the 5-Series G30 “gasoline,” more powerful. And I highlight between quote the word petrol because the company had in the last month the BMW M550d xDrive, the king of the range diesel with an engine four turbos and 400 horsepower. In the same way, the brand plans an M550i xDrive 462 horse power, although still not what we have seen.

despite the foregoing, the BMW 540i is not known for his sportsmanship. Yes, you are right, not equipped with the sports package M And yes, you are right, it is not an M5. But it has a mechanical six-cylinder and 340 horsepower, so I don’t culpéis if I miss a little bit of sportiness. I don’t want to give the wrong idea. It is not that this 540i does not run, because in him we see more horses in the Seville fair. No, of course not. But it is not radical, you squeeze as a massage newbie, with a lot of caution. Even so, don’t forget if you want to underestimate that declares 450 Nm of torque and an acceleration from 0-100 km/h that was almost 5 seconds faster than some of the respected sports.

drive modes gives you the ability to adapt to any situation. If you find yourself passing through the city the best option is to activate the Eco mode, since it will subtract the power input and compact the total consumption. If you are traveling on the highway the option Comfort you should know that you will not bear the ready set for a sporty ride but will be ready to cope with regular traffic situations. If you want to squeeze the maximum power from your BMW 5-Series will be better than the selections Sport, for both the tare such as the direction and the power delivery will be ready for the fun

The definition of smoothness

box cchangeover automatic ZF eight-speed, which, by the way mounted all versions of serie except the 520d, is another of the wonders of this new BMW 5-Series. In that softness of which I’ve been talking to several paragraphs has a lot of blame for the transmission. Fast, precise, smooth… Little more to say. If I had to make a list with my transmissions favorite would be a tie between this and the PDK from Porsche. And if we consider that the PDK is the queen… I stay in silence.

The adjustment of the tare takes the other part of that guilt that leads to the BMW 5-Series to give me sensations of riding in a 7 Series. There is No bump, irregularity, depression, can feel my back. Everything is under control. In the same way, despite eating the potholes as it does with the cookie monster of the same food, not rocks on changes of support in a remarkable way, or you feel sensations of a boat. Do not forget that weighs 1.670 kg and measured almost five meters, a weight on the other hand, is not bad for a car of this size and position, and even so, the sensations in tight turns are good.

To the head in technology

BMW relies on the technology in the new BMW 5 Series, as it did in its bigger brother, the 7 Series. I can tell you that this unit of the BMW 540i is the car more technological that I have tried, as it mounts all the systems that the catalogue of the bavarian manufacturer makes available to the customer. One of the most caught the attention is the park assist automatic, an item that is more than practical, it is attractive as you get move the vehicle at low speed without the driver in the cab. Their usefulness would come in situations in which access to the interior is complicated, although the driver in practice will trigger this function on rare occasions.

keys of the model are an absolute blast. It seems that you carry a mobile phone, as his finishing and control is similar. With them you’ll be able to turn on the air conditioning, check to see if the lights have been turned on or a window is down or even control the vehicle’s autonomy. Since the same knob engages the above-mentioned system, parking machine, a simple control that in the majority of times it takes to boot up but it works correctly.

gestural control is another of the novelties of this generation G30, an option that we knew about with the 7-Series. Closing the list of the new features I was able to test would be the conduction system of semi-autonomous that proposes to BMW. It is activated from the steering wheel and is able to control the direction for a few seconds, keeping the vehicle in the lane and in the limits of speed. Seconds to 10 seconds, depending on the traffic permits, you will be prompted to re-grab the steering wheel. After completing this order will once again take control of the vehicle.

Finishes new BMW 5-Series

Luxury (4.394 euros)

  • Wheels of 18 inches
  • wood paneling noble
  • Moldings in aluminum
  • Line chrome exterior
  • Leather Dakota And
  • sports steering Wheel
  • LED fog lights
  • Dashboard Sensatec

Sport (3.077 euros)

  • Wheels of 18 inches
  • Coating in gloss black
  • Moldings in aluminum
  • Combination fabric/leather
  • sport Seats
  • sports steering Wheel
  • LED fog lights
  • Change auto sporting

sport Package M (6.272 euros)

  • Colour Alpinweiss
  • Wheels of 18 inches
  • Moldings in aluminum
  • Fabric ‘Rhombicle’/Alcantara
  • Shadow Line Individual
  • Suspension M
  • sport Seats
  • aerodynamic Package M
  • Roof anthrazit
  • Steering Wheel M
  • Brake M
  • Change auto sporting

Price new BMW 5-Series

Engine Change Traction Price
Engine Change Traction Price
520d 190 HP manual 6v rear 49.400 €
520d 190 HP AT 8v rear 51.962 euros
520d xDrive 190 HP AT 8v total 54.300 euros
530d 265 HP AT 8v rear 61.899 euros
530d xDrive 265 HP AT 8v total 63.300 €
530i 252 HP AT 8v rear 56.399 euros
530i xDrive 252 HP AT 8v total 58.400 €
540i 340 HP AT 8v rear 67.500 euros
540i xDrive 340 HP AT 8v total about 70,500 euros

Thanks to Mandel BMW Engine Badajoz for yielding this test unit.

the Opinion of the editor


  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Quality


  • Price
  • Consumption
  • Few sensations sports

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