Test BMW M2 Coupe wild pony


Body coupe, compact size, propulsion in the rear and manual change. It is the ideal portrayal of a sports following the canons of classic. A set of characteristics that meets point by point the sensational BMW M2 Coupe that we have had the opportunity to try (and enjoy) these days.

After having our first contact in your presentation, we couldn’t wait to have it in our power for a few days to uncover all the essences the latest model of the range BMW M. Anxiety is justified as it is, without any doubt, one of the big releases of the year in the world of the four wheels.

The M2 is the member of BMW M’s smallest at the time, but is shown without any complex, remembering that the best essences come in small jars. In addition, the M2 shares many elements with the M4, its older brother, and that’s quite a statement of intent.

An image fierce

The German model pure muscle. The taut lines of his skin provide dynamism wherever you look, and several elements reveal that we are in a BMW’s very powerful. For example, the bumper specific shows a few entries of ventilation of generous size to ensure the correct flow of air to the insatiable six-cylinder engine that lives under the hood. In addition, the alloy wheels of 19-inch five twin-spoke are the same as the M3 sedan, M4 Coupe and M4 Cabrio.

despite the spectacular performance of this coupe, ago will not find a big spoiler but a discreet spoiler that outlines the lid of the trunk. There are only four colors available for the body, all pretty discrete. The white Alpinweiss of our unity is the only one that has no additional cost. The Number 2 is synonymous with sporting elegance in each and every one of the versions, including this one.

The cabin is surprisingly discreet. Have a look racing, yes, but it differs very little from any other Series 2 with package M. The inner aspect is sober, denoting that the bavarian manufacturer has worked mainly on providing a luxurious atmosphere: you can not put no but in terms of quality of materials or settings.


The seats are the same as those of any Series 2. The truth is that there is a lack of a few seats-type backet, in line with the aggressiveness of the model. In addition, the leather upholstery Dakota Schwarz with stitching contrast in blue also stands out for its softness.

The equipment number is correct, although it is disconcerting that in a car of more than 60,000 euros have to pay for items such as the keyless entry (358 euros) or the electric mirrors folding with auto anti-glare (396 euros). can’t carry headlights led, an active cruise control or a Head-up Display.

An important consideration is that this unit carries a manual gearbox and it adds a dot very interesting. The M2 Coupé is available with a manual transmission with six gears or an automatic dual-clutch M seven-speed. Choose between the manual shifting or the automatic is a very difficult decision. But quiet, the positive part is that whenever you hit which are both impeccable.


The automatic gearbox will convince anyone who wants to achieve greater effectiveness, thanks to their steps marching percussion. It is also more efficient, offers the function Launch Control and we will give you a plus of comfort when rodemos with peace of mind. On the other hand, the manual switch will satisfy the most purist and provides a driving experience that is indescribable. In addition, it allows you to save 4,800 euros to the bill, which is not little. A priori will be the least sought after, so that also brings a certain exclusivity.

The teeth of the beast

Where shines a member of the select club of BMW M is in the (dynamic, of course. The M2 not only fulfilled this role but that shows his ferocity at all times. A good part of the responsibility falls on the gasoline engine 6-cylinder in-line BMW M TwinPower Turbo, a purasagre delivery 370 HP at 6500 rpm and a torque of 465 Nm at only 1,400 rpm. Containing between both values almost throughout the rev range, the range of use of the elastic motor is very wide.

Your bite is evident, especially above the 3,000 rpm area in which a stomp of the accelerator is synonymous with leaving catapulted with violence, wrinkling the asphalt and watching as the needle of the rev counter climbs steeply up to the red area of the tachometer. In curve, an excessive joy with the right foot will cause the electronic charge of keeping everything in its place, simplifying things and providing safety.


Anyone can go very fast with this missile bavarian but eye, if you want to extract the full potential of the M2 with the controls disconnected, there is that have many tables. Without electronic aids, it all happens at a speed delirious and the rear end slides in with ease although their reactions are noble. Is a spectacle, it is fun, it is addictive. But it is not for all audiences.

M-mode Dynamic on the dynamic stability control (DSC) is a good middle point. As well the DSC is less intrusive before any loss of traction and allows you to play with the rear of the vehicle. Does not intervene instantly, but only when we approach the borders of the unbreakable laws of physics.

At all times, whether in the mild accelerations by city or going to fund on a winding mountain road, we will be accompanied by the intense roar of the exhaust M with two twin exhaust pipes. The electrical control of the exhaust valve reaffirms the distinctive sound of all the M tempting us to go down the windows every time we pass through a tunnel.


it Seems that the BMW M with manual gearbox are in danger of extinction because we lose a few tenths of acceleration with respect to the automatic transmission. After taste it in this unit of M2 we forgot about the timer because you have to recognize that the manual gearbox is a delight.

Has a touch sporty, with movements short and precise, and marches, but well spaced. Invited to play with her. In addition, the reductions emulates the switching of spike-heeled and minimizes the sharp retention that tends to occur in the lower gears. Definitely the manual gearbox rewards us with a unique sensations, with a greater connection of the driver with the car, a greater driving pleasure.

of course, BMW has not neglected the braking, although it is not the most outstanding. The M2 Coupé takes a few brake M Compound with discs perforated and internally vented 380 mm at the front axle and 370 mm at the rear. The brake calipers four-piston front and two-piston behind allow you to adapt the braking. Meet its job well, at least on the highway, you will see how they will endure the demanding treatment in circuit. Although that will be another time.


open curves can be taken at a speed blazing. The M2 turns flat, the body hardly varies due to a suspension tare firm that happens to us invoice at the time of driving on asphalt spot. It also helps the confidence provides the address of direct feel and more precise. In addition, the system M Servotronic adapts the assistance of the directorate, offering more resistance at higher speed.

In the tighter turns it is evident that the coupe German shows excellent traction and agility, and a good part of the blame is the differential M active series which distributes the torque between the rear wheels with a lock that ranges from 0 up to 100% to the wheel that has better grip.

The experience gained by BMW M creating some of the sporting dream more idolised leaves notice. Everything related to the section dynamic is formidable. All. His ferocity is evident at all times, even in the mode of driving the most civilized of the three that we have at our disposal (Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus). Unlike the standard versions of BMW, here there is no way Echo Pro, and this absence has as a result the fuel consumption high.


Perhaps you remember that with a M2 with automatic change-we managed to consume very little energy in the framework of a ecorally, but that test has little to do with ‘ driving ‘real’. The reality is that, even going quiet, the on-board computer easily mark fuel consumption figures of around 10 l/100 km. If we want to extract the quintessences six cylinders to this value grows rapidly the more we weigh the right foot.

62.900 euros that there are out-of-pocket to be done with the BMW M2 Coupe are not a budget suitable for all economies. It still seems a reasonable price if you want to invest in fun with the unmistakable stamp of BMW M Do You dare to tame this wild pony?