Test BMW M4 GTS, in search of redemption

BMW is one of those brands that have something special. Their cars are more than that, and to be German, have always put a special love in all its productions. However the weight of numbers has forced them to leave that character so own up to being seduced by the hard-nosed sales volume. It is for this reason that we are now SUVS, minivans and three-cylinder engines. But from Munich want to ask forgiveness for this change, and your way of doing this is simply epic: the BMW M4 GTS.


The GTS is not intended to be discreet and your aesthetic is just as striking as its behavior

Was a long time that we didn’t see something so out of the plants of BMW. The last time we employed the same acronym, although on that occasion they were accompanied by the designation M3 and not M4. The M3 GTS represented the culmination of a sports-a-generation legendary. But this time they have gone beyond, have gone to a new dimension, and this has been supported in a technology, which, without being new, revolutionizes the concept that we have of the sport of street.

The water injection is not current. The world of aviation, the has been in use since the dawn of the jet engines. Also we saw in the racing world a few years ago. Exactly in the championship Rally of the Group B of the 80’s. Then was banned given the performance of exaggeration, and even dangerous, that could be accomplished. But the BMW engineers have rescued from the memory, and we bring wrapped in an atmosphere of extreme.

And is that on the outside the BMW M4 GTS is shown to be as threatening as you might expect. His paint mate, wheels carbon fiber, its snout modified, its carbon fiber components, its bonnet, its orange details, and especially their wing, show us that we are not faced with something standardl. And is that this car is not intended to, nor want to be normal. It is designed for one thing: to bring you to the end of your driving skills. Mention apart deserve your headlights OLED. A new technology that soon will start to be seen in other models of the firm.

The exterior is face to the gallery, but the interior is for you. For your use and enjoyment. The atmosphere of racing is transmitted from sensational way thanks to a cabin completely renovated for the occasion. BMW has sought to lose all the weight possible, and for this they got rid of the rear seats, the door panels, and a large part of the central console. Then has built a safety cage, a few baquets of competition, and lots of carbon fibre. Although it has been left by the way some detail that it seems at least contradictory.


Indoor racing with some baquets that are surprisingly comfortable

And is not understood very well why the BMW M4 GTS will not be rid of everything superfluous. The one who purchase it looking for that feeling of racing. For my taste the diet should have been more strict, and for this it should have been detached from elements such as the central screen, the iDrive, and if I hurry up even of the radio, as he already did the M3 CSL. This car already has a soundtrack built in, you don’t need anything that disturbs you.

But well, leaving aside the issue of design and interior, the GTS must call your attention for something more than its aesthetic. As I said before, you must call your attention for its performance and technology. We are faced with a car as unique as unique. The BMW M4 is already one of the cars more special that you can buy currently, but it was nothing compared to his brother beast. It is amazing what can be achieved by adding a little water to the cooling.

key: the system of injection of water

The water injection is not new, but BMW has managed to make it functional for the real world

An internal combustion engine is limited by various factors. One of them is the temperature in the combustion chambers. An excess of degrees can lead to the emergence of the so-called autodetonaciones, causing a loss of performance. This badly affects all the cars, but they are the high performance those who most suffer the consequences. Something that is exacerbated if you use turbos, because they use part of the exhaust gases, that already come out toasty.


After the hood of carbon fiber hides the secret of the power and performance of the GTS

How to fix it? Well, the guys from BMW have installed a small water tank in the trunk. Just 5 litres. There it drives the fluid to the cooling system. Three microinyectores are in charge of spraying the required amount so as to reduce the air temperature up to 25 degrees. What is necessary so that the combustion chambers have always perfect conditions.

Thanks to this, it seems simple, but it is not, the engine of the M4 GTS is capable of working at greater capacity for longer. How much? Well, until the liquid element runs out. BMW estimates that, in normal driving the water will have to be completed every three or four fill-ups of gasoline, but if we get into a circuit and carry to the extreme the system, we ask you to fill the water tank in a day or less. Of getting to run low, the engine cuts power to become a BMW M4 normal. That means that it stays in 431 horses.

Now, how in which translates all of this technology? If we speak of performance data there is to say that with the injection of water is accomplished by developing a 16% more power than with respect to a M4 normal, reaching 500 HP. The pair for their part, increased by 10%, reaching up to 600 Nm. In terms of performance, the GTS is capable of doing the 0 to 100 Km/h in only 3.8 seconds, two tenths less than the M4, showing a top speed of 305 Km/h. Logical it turns out that his time at the Nürburgring is equal to that of a Pagani Zonda R. big Words.

But we’re not here to talk about data or values that by themselves do not define a car. We are here to know how is the M4 GTS. And better yet, how is it compared to your brother “civilized”. luckily during the test I had the opportunity to compare both models. Specifically, the most Spanish of the M4, the BMW M4 CS. As you know the Competition Sport is even more powerful than a normal one, 450 horses, in addition to a certain amount of improvements, such as the brakes carbocerámicos. Do we start?


During the test I had the opportunity to put it to the test with the M4 CS and its 450 horses


I must say that at first not thought to find great differences between both cars. The M4 has always seemed to me a difficult beast to tame. In fact I believe that in certain moments it is excessive. But believe me when I tell you that compared to the GTS looks like a newborn kitten, an angel of charity. A good-natured go to. Now I’ll explain why.

I Had the fortune, or misfortune, to pick up the M4 GTS a day of rain, with water on the asphalt and with the conditions that if you already must use our normal driving, you can’t imagine in a car like the GTS. Wet ground, cold tires…a few miles threatening. I’m Not going to cheat, I needed a time of adaptation. The GTS and I had to know each other, familiarize ourselves with each other. Although he made it very clear from the beginning that I get by the branches would not have any consideration. I was going to squeeze me, but yeah, only if I wanted to.

And is that something that has surprised me is your behavior in a normal driving. It is a car that, despite its setup of racing, it is not excessively uncomfortable or difficult to drive. Yes, the baquets prevent a regulation in height, so if you’re not very high you can have problems with front visibility. But in spite of this, a car is manageable, with your browser, your air conditioning (has not climate control), your radio… We will have all you need for your day-to-day.

But BMW has not been for many months, putting up the GTS and go for the bread. This car has a soul, and a spirit of racing. Theirs is the track clear, the curves are linked, the smell of burning rubber and gasoline. his is the circuit, and not to take it would be a waste of an outstanding car.

it Is here where the feel of truth. Forgetting the driving routine, the consumption or efficiency. The GTS is a car of sensations, and few convey the same thing that he. Just downshift, push the accelerator pedal to bottom and get ready for a jolt huge accompanied by a sound of glory ” that envelops you and transports you to another world. One in which you are just you and the car.

The M4 GTS is not a car to go for the bread. You want and need to run. The circuit is its natural environment. Frees the beast and is

Having been familiar with the gross character of the GTS, and after having tamed in normal conditions, I inside on a track that is once again to be wet by a thick fog that all covers and that makes the experiencia most memorable, most epic. it Is then when I discover to the developers of BMW, and I give you my forgiveness eternor therefore, car “conventional”. Have not forgotten to make cars as temperamental as unique. The GTS is the sample of it.


In circuit, the GTS cuts loose, and although it is radical lets you play with him

despite the fact that the soil is wet, the 500-horsepower engine, the sound deafening, the truth is that the GTS is a car very fun. With the controls activated, jumping in all the time, you’re a good sport, but I have not come here to leave them posts, so I face the machine without intermediaries. And as I say that the fight is so glorious and unrepeatable.

when do I discover quickly that this spoiler is so eye-catching and lightweight, does not serve for absolutely nothing. In each curve, the car tends to get his butt to ride, the power delivery is massive, without interruptions or lapses. Always ready to bite your head and smile, because, despite what it may seem, the GTS is manageable at high speeds. His direction is so precise and direct, so much so that to play more with the car you have to put Comfort mode in the program settings so that you do not have a recovery as fast when out of the corner spinning the ass.

This car eats curves like nothing. Your step-by-vertex is brutal. And just need a couple of curves to know that the GTS left to one side the nature tourism of the M4. And is that the CS can’t keep up with the pace in no time. Despite the fact that one derives from the other, the performance is from another planet. As I have already said, did not expect so much difference. But there is, and there lies the logic of the purchase of the GTS. That and the exclusivity.


The spoiler is aesthetically appealing, but the truth is that a lot of work not done

BMW has willed that this jewel is limited. And to this end has set a high budget and a limited number of units. Are 700 sold. All of them already sold out. Each one has a starting price in Spain from 166.900 euros. Are 75,000 euros more than a M4 normal, and without having a set of carbon rims (optional) which add up to 12.000 euros to the budget. That is to say, the price which has a utilitarian medium. But, is it really worth paying more for the GTS?


you have realized that I have fallen in love with the BMW M4 GTS. It is one of those cars that will leave their mark and you will always remember. However I must say that the above question is stupid. That you can buy the GTS does not think about whether it is or is not worth the extra price. Simply have the whim and the will. In addition, the GTS is a piece of collection and will be used in many cases to speculate. Yes, sadly in a few years we will find ourselves with units just used an outrageous price. But that is another discussion.

So the question is: is it really such a 75,000 euros more? Yes, resoundingly yes. Only the technology and development are worth it, not to mention the exclusivity. It is a car of sensations. It is so awesome to drive it as I see it. BMW has earned the forgiveness of all. Thanks to these SUVS, mpvs and three cylinders, the germans have the chance of getting to the street cars as the GTS. Looking forward we are to get the variant races approved street, that has already been allowed to see on the road. We all look forward to the BMW M4 GT4.


BMW has earned the forgiveness, the GTS is a machine, awesome