Test Dulevo 5000 Veloce, cleaning and sportsmanship


Test Dulevo 5000 Veloce in first for the Engine.is

In Engine.is we dare with everything. In our test section, in addition to passenger cars have to accommodate all kinds of automobiles as the protagonist of today. Without a doubt, a test very special. The Dulevo 5000 Veloce is a vehicle which, every day, you see him doing professional work but has great potential that can be exploited individual customers also.

Another way of caring for the environment

When we think of urban mobility and respect for the environment normally comes to the head vehicles powered by alternative energies such as the electricity test (Nissan Leaf), plug-in hybrids (test Audi a3 e-tron) or hydrogen (Toyota Mirai), among others. But there are other lesser known forms of help to achieve a greater purity of the air in the cities.

In other countries of the European Union is getting fashionable the acquisition of sweepers professionals to use particular. In this way the citizen actively contributes in the cleanliness of the asphalt, removing the dust to your step that improves the quality of the air. In view of its rapid expansion in the old continent we got ahead by offering the first test of this class of vehicles. Our unit that will make the guinea pig is a Dulevo 5000 Veloce, the version more prestacional of its range, because the emotion is important even in the sweepers.


Your step the road will never be as clean as this vehicle

Its exterior design is simplistic and even sins of industrial aesthetics to not forget their origins. Despite being built by an Italian company we will not see beautiful images like that of an Alfa Romeo 4C. More premium durability of the components that looks attractive, although we expect this to change when you expand the particular market, at which time the manufacturer must meet the demands of their new clientele.

The lighting is halogen, while the wheels and tires are the ones that are and lack of options, but you can change them in the aftermarket with models of up to 18 inches. Similarly the body is of white tone of the series.

despite its size, 5.190 mm long, it is a two-seater although these two seats have generous space for its occupants. The rest of the length of the body is assumed by the engine compartment, system of waste collection and storage area of the same. Due to its popularity, the manufacturer is considering versions convertibles for the enjoyment of the summer season.


the interior is high-visibility and space, but with a few luxuries

Its interior boasts of a excellent visibility but do not expect great luxuries in terms of materials and equipment is concerned. Luckily all units are equipped with air conditioning with heating to deal with weather both in summer and in winter.

110 CV are sufficient to move the 8,000 kg of weight

Behind the cabin we find a thruster diesel four-cylinder source IVECO that develops 110 HP approval euro3 in combination with a transmission of two speeds. A sweeper of these features usually can be driven at speeds of 40 km/h of maximum 20 km/h with the scavenging system is activated, in the case of the Dulevo 5000 Veloce the maximum speed increases up to a not negligible 80 km/h.

The acceleration of this category of vehicles is not particularly fast but once it reaches a high speed cruise of the vehicle is unstoppable with their 8,000 kg of weight in vacuum. A feeling similar to driving to Bowser in Mario Kart, only that in real life. Despite its weight, the model for their particular use may be driven by the driving basic of tourism (permit circulation B in Spain) due to the peculiarity of the same.


The step-by-bend cleaner of the present

Enjoys great maneuverability due to the diameter of rotation so that makes the city her natural habitat for excellence, we can also go by road because the maximum speed of this fastest variant makes it possible.

The suspensions are a bit stiffer than usual in this edition than in the rest because of its new tare sports to improve the cornering, which by the way hardly you will make a scribed as clean with another vehicle as you can see in the photo.

Up to here the first part of our test of the Dulevo 5000 Veloce. Tomorrow I’ll talk about our impressions on the track, you will be amazed how a vehicle of these features can be as fun to shoot in a circuit. You will also have a companion track, one of the most anticipated sporting this year. Enjoy the that will be our last test of 2015. By the way: Happy 28th of December, the Day of the Holy Innocents 🙂