Test F1: Alonso, fastest time and more than 100 laps at Silverstone


there were Several teams who took advantage of the first day of test for test new parts or to analyze with more precision the latest developments introduced in the recent Large Awards. In addition, Pirelli initiated the development of the tires of 2017, with Mercedes in 2014 in the hands of Pascal Wehrlein.

Alonso, at the front in the morning

drivers present at Silverstone took advantage of the dry asphalt
in the morning to mark the best times of the day. And, in that
the most seasoned was Fernando Alonso, who established a
record 1:31.290 with the compound superblando
, time that we
would have placed sixth in the grill of the recently disputed
Grand Prix of Great Britain.

But the purpose of the test is always very far away from
to get the best time, going to be the primary evaluate new
parts and be able to do in-depth monitoring of the concept
aerodynamic of the car, as well as the management of the

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The Spanish completed the first half of the day without
incidents and
could continue to analyze the new endplates spoiler
that we already saw in free practice of the Grand Prix of Austria, but that will not be re-used in the absence of further

Another of the teams that drew more attention was Toro Rosso,
Carlos Sainz on board, he tested a cover engine to the jacks
air modified. Their senior team,
Red Bull, took to the track with the
second version of the HALO
developed by Ferrari and its pilot,
Pierre Gasly, dressed up with glasses to record the vision of the
pilot with such a protective element.

Both they and the rest of the teams used during the entire
morning various sensors for measuring the flow behavior
aerodynamic, the deformation of certain elements of the
single-seater or the dynamics and degradation of the tyres.

The rain, the protagonist of the evening

After the recess for lunch, the rain appeared in the circuit and, after a few minutes during which the teams were prepared to vary their program, the activity on the track again with the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc coming out of the pit to the 38 minutes of the session was reconvened. In any case, the most active were the most experienced pilots: Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz that, with the rain falling incessantly, they had to opt finally for using the extreme wet tyres.

The first red flag of the day came at the stroke of five in the afternoon, when a piece of wood fell to the track. Was immediately withdrawn, and Fernando Alonso (intermediate tyres), Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon came out of the pits to continue with its programme of work.

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the rest of the day was spent with the pilots performing more aerodynamic testing, batches with medium or long on intermediate tyres, and between drizzle and mist, Fernando Alonso was the driver more active -with the permission of Esteban Ocon – on a day that exceeded by far the 100 laps and shot without any kind of inconvenience mechanic.

Pos. Pilot Dorsal Time Gap Laps
1 España Fernando Alonso 14 McLaren 01′ 31″290 0 105
2 Francia Esteban Ocon 24 Mercedes 01′ 32″833 +1.543 123
3 Gran Bretaña Alex Lynn 41 Williams 01′ 34″433 +3.143 54
4 Francia Charles Leclerc 32 Ferrari 01′ 34″446 +3.156 18
5 Rusia Nikita Mazepin 34 Force India 01′ 34″521 +3.231 35
6 España Carlos Sainz 55 Toro Rosso 01′ 34″643 +3.353 91
7 Francia Santino Ferrucci 51 Haas F1 Team 01′ 34″866 +3,576 unique 55
8 Alemania Pascal Wehrlein 23 Mercedes 01′ 34″982 +3.692 48
9 Indonesia Rio Haryanto 88 Manor F1 01′ 35″631 +4.341 57
10 Rusa Sergey Sirotkin 46 Renault 01′ 36″575 +5.285 48
11 Francia Pierre Gasly 15 Red Bull 01′ 43″891 +12.601 52