Test F1: new faces (and not both) of the test of F1 at Silverstone


Of the 17 riders who have taken part of the test post-GP
at Silverstone
only seven compete as riders owners in the present
season of Formula 1. If we discard Stoffel Vandoorne having
played as a Grand Prize, a total of nine drivers have used this test to debut in a Formula 1 or to continue accumulating kilometers
in their short trajectories
in the category queen. Young diamond for polishing
that belong to the quarries of the teams in the championship.

All of them have been able to
take advantage of the different weather conditions on the track in the british
develop your skills, although most of them have had a
work very specific
marked by the teams. Even so, taking advantage of this test post-GP we
make a little review of the situation of these young pilots and the role
who have had
during these tests.


Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

  • 18 turns – 1:34.446

Charles Leclerc belongs to the Ferrari Drive Academy, thus following the line marked by Jules Bianchi, a friend of the monegasque from the youth. Currently competes in the GP3 where is the leader with 86 points after the first six races, he has added two victories and two podiums. Previously, Leclerc won the FIA F3 European (4), the Macau Grand Prix (2nd) and the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps race (2nd).

In relation to this test, Charles Leclerc is one of the pilots who has left a better taste in the mouth. Not completed many laps because of rain the first day and a engine problem, but ended with the fourth best time on the first day of testing. In addition, the young pilot of monaco debuted on Friday at a formal session of Formula 1 after play the FP1 of the GP of Great Britain with Haas F1. This participation will be added to appearances in FP1 in Hungary, Germany, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi.


Nikita Mazepin (Force India)

  • 104 turns – 1:31.561

Nikita Mazepin has just 17 years old, something that has not prevented a meteoric ascension up to his debut in Formula 1 with the VJM09 of Force India. In fact, the pilot of Russian origin has only competed in categories of a certain international weight in the last two years. In 2015 competing in the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC with a podium finish as balance and in 2016 is competing in the FIA F3 European. After fifteen races he has only added one point.

These results contrast with their performance in the tests,
where, in addition to completing 104 laps has been particularly rapid.
During the second day of testing Nikita Mazepin scored the best time of the
the first sector at Silverstone and in addition finished with the fourth best time
all of the day
. In addition, the Russian pilot has complied with the premises of the
team without committing errors until complete mock of classification and


Santino Ferrucci (Haas F1)

  • 162 turns – 1:33.141

Santino Ferrucci has been one of the pilots who has made his debut in this test. The pilot born in Connecticut, united States, has been unable to complete their first kilometres in Formula 1 with Haas F1 team of his country. Unlike Mazepin, the trajectory in promotion cups of Ferrucci is dilated with a third place finish in the Toyota Racing Series as the best result. In 2016, competing with the team DAMS in GP3.

At 18 years, the role of Santino Ferrucci in the test has been positive. At the controls of the VF-16, the american pilot, completed over 160 laps, that is to complete the distance of more than three Major Awards. Maybe its the best time has arrived for the second day in the that has been able to complete long runs with the soft tyre, being able to to progress well in their learning on the single-seater of Haas F1.


Esteban Ocon (Mercedes)

  • 262 turns – 1:31.212

Esteban Ocon is on another level among these young riders.
The French rider is covered by Mercedes -with the team that has contested the
test – and at the same time he is a pilot development of Renault. Not bad for a
pilot of 19 years old that already saved in your showcases the title of the FIA F3 European
(2014) and GP3 (2015), victories that he has combined with his work in the Lotus
F1 and Force India. In 2016, competes in the DTM with the computer ART.

During the test has finished second in both days,
by demonstrating their good work at the controls of the Mercedes. Due to the greater taxi
has the French pilot and the hours of simulator that accumulates with the signature of
Stuttgart, Ocon has managed to go fast from the start. During the test
completed several aero tests and take advantage of the performance of the
soft tyre at key moments during the test.


Pierre Gasly (Red Bull)

  • 155 turns – 1:31.429

Pierre Gasly is another of the pilots already bregados. The pilot
of the young driver program of Red Bull won the title of the Formula
Renault 2.0 in 2013, was runner-up in the Formula Renault 3.5 in 2014, and from
it then competes in the GP2
. This season, Gasly is enrolled in the computer
Prema and by the time it is the third placed in the championship after adding a
victory and three podiums.

The weekend in Great Britain has been very positive for
Pierre Gasly
after his success in GP2 and the two days subsequent tests with
Red Bull. The pilot has recognized that it is a great opportunity to ride with
the RB12 and although on the first day, their times were slow at the be
immersed in the evidence requested by the austrian team, during the second
day of testing overcame the barrier of the 100 laps to finish with the third
best time


Sergey Sirotkin (Renault F1)

  • 48 turns – 1:36.575

Sergey Sirotkin is another of the young riders with remarkable
and not only in categories of promotion. The Russian pilot was to test
driver for Sauber in 2014 and their debut in an official session for the contest the
FP1 of the GP of Russia. Within his distinguished professional career the title of the Formula
Abarth European Series, the third in the Auto GP or more recently the
third place achieved in GP2 in 2015. Currently remains in GP2 with
ART Grand Prix

Sirotkin played only the first day of the test,
the rain, the eclipse, in a great measure his performance and also his work. Of
indeed, the Russian pilot only completed 48 laps to finish with a discreet
1:36.575, to more than 5.2 seconds of the time set by Fernando Alonso during
that day. Within the limitations of the day, Renault allowed Sirotkin a few turns
in the wet
to adapt the performance of the car.


Jordan King (Manor)

  • 70 turns – 1:35.060

Jordan King have as much success his title in the British F3
(2013), although it is true that the british driver has not finished
hatch in GP2, where he has competed the last two seasons with
team Racing Engineering
. However, little by little your level has been growing
within the category, as evidenced by his victory at Silverstone and in Austria.
In progression, should fight for the title of the category.

Jordan King performed aerodynamic testing of the MRT05 of
during the single day of tests that he had in track. The british had a
the morning session really tedious to have to complete short runs for
to make some highly specific tests with a grid of sensors installed in
the single-seater. By the afternoon itself that he was able to complete long runs with games
new tire, allowing the King to enjoy a single-seater
according to his words has evolved
from the test post-GP of Barcelona.


Sergio Sette Camara (Toro Rosso)

  • 82 turns – 1:34.040

Sergio Sette Camara made the leap to Europe in 2014 after competing
in the Formula 3 Brazil and was soon recruited by the youth program
pilots of Red Bull. In 2015, contesting the FIA F3 European with discrete
results, although it saved their season with a good showing at the Masters of Formula
3 of Zandvoort. This year, repeated in the FIA F3 European, although the brazilian will not
have finished hatching and just collects two podiums in 15 races.

Sergio Sette Camara made his official debut in Formula 1 with
the car of Toro Rosso
. Following the plan marked by Carlos Sainz with the
STR11, the brazilian driver was doing several test aerodynamic testing
the new parts that the team brought to Silverstone. Despite his good
work, Sette Camara had a major scare by suffering a spin on the straight
, although luckily the incident ended without consequences because no one came to
touch the wall.


Alex Lynn (Williams)

  • 54 turns – 1:34.433

Alex Lynn has been successful wherever it has gone. Won
in 2011 Formula Renault UK, a triumph that helped him make the jump to the
Formula 3. After two seasons, was third in the regular season, second in
the Masters of Zandvoort and champion of the GP of Macau (2013). In 2014, he conquered the
, making the leap to GP2 with DAMS. Sixth in their first season after
harvest two podiums and two wins, in 2016 adds up to a victory and a podium in
ten races.

The program of Alex Lynn in the test was marked by the
, to such an extent that the british pilot just gave a few turns
on wet tarmac in the afternoon. Despite this, their performance during the
the period in which the track was dry it was remarkable, to such an extent that amounted to 54
spins and got the third-best time on the first day of the tests. The
british pilot fell to 3.1 seconds from the best time set by Fernando