Test F1: Red Bull to test the Halo, but it intends to block its implementation


During the first day of tests held this Tuesday in the circuit Silverstone, Red Bull has carried out its first tests with the Halo, the safety device for the passenger compartment developed by Ferrari, and that the FIA intends to introduce in 2017, through a constructor-independent. On this occasion, the team of austria has used the second version of the Halo, that Ferrari already tested the last week in the free practice of the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

This ‘Halo 2’ has been redesigned with respect to the original to make it less bulky, and the top bar is at a higher elevation, to reduce the impact on the visibility of the pilots and prevent the risk of the helmet of a pilot to collide with the structure in the event of an accident. After carrying out extraction tests, the FIA considers that this new version is already in list for introduction next season, using a titanium alloy is more resistant, and lightweight.


In these tests, the French Pierre Gasly, test pilot of Red Bull, and the man in charge of driving the RB12, lucia glasses with built-in camera, whose purpose is to verify to what extent the Halo supposed an impediment to the visibility of the pilot. However, and despite these tests, of Milton Keynes are not supporters of its introduction in 2017, and believe that the project is not good enough to give his approval, both at the level of both aesthetics and safety.

In fact, they claim that, if the teams are required to vote, Red Bull will be positioned against, forcing the FIA, in the absence of unanimity, to force its introduction in the interest of safety, as dictated by the regulations, or to delay it. In those terms he has been manifested Christian Horner in statements to Motorsport:

“Personally, I’m not a big fan of Halo, or of the limitations that has. I Think that solution is a little elegant for the problem you’re trying to solve. I would prefer that there were more research time to do it properly, rather than rush something that could have other consequences. Surely would not vote in favor of by the time”.

Since Red Bull was raised at the beginning of the season a different proposal, the ‘aeroscreen’: a device based on the concept of half-dome that is more visually appealing that the Halo, but received criticism after he failed to pass some tests of security, and , whose development was recently discontinued by the Red Bull when you consider that it was risky to employ more resources if the project had no guarantees of being implemented in Formula 1.


The Horner is not the only critical opinion of this second version of the Halo. Sebastian Vettel, which showcased the prototype in free practice at Silverstone, believes that there is room for improvement, and that should continue with the investigation to ensure that the Halo is introduced with the greatest guarantees

you Lose a bit of visibility in the top. Don’t look to the sky all the time when you’re inside, but I think you need a little more time. I know that a decision will be made shortly, and I don’t know what are the results in the current research… it Is clear what is fact, and what is supposed to do, just we have to make sure that we introduce something that is safe in all circumstances, and not commit anything. There will always be certain scenarios that cannot be covered, but the goal should be to cover as many as possible posible”.