Test F1: Vandoorne: “The McLaren is better in all aspects”


Stoffel Vandoorne has been the
charged with continuing the work of assessment in aerodynamics

started Jenson Button during the day of Tuesday. The belgian, who this
season won the first point for the team in Bahrain -when
replaced Fernando Alonso-, dispute of the Super Formula japan
as part of their preparation for the Formula 1.

The belgian has been very
satisfied with the day, in the which completed a total of 108
and marked the second best time, seven tenths of Max Verstappen. “I would Say
that goes
better in all respects, there is more downforce on the car
since Bahrain.
I mean, Barcelona is a circuit of a lot of downforce
and we have brought some changes from the beginning of the end of the week.
The car was going
to fly it, well balanced,
I felt very comfortable with him, it was good to feel it”
he concluded
the belgian driver in statements to F1i.com.

The engine of Alonso, intact

on the other hand, Honda has
confirmed that the engine that Fernando Alonso used in the Grand Prix of Spain has not suffered any damage
and that abandonment
due to
activated the cut of fuel supply. Honda has not confirmed
if such circumstance was caused by a mechanical error or as
a result of an oversight of the pilot. In any case, the unit
driving you may return to be used again in competition
although certainly the points that the Spanish could have achieved
-shooting tenth at the time of abandonment – are already unrecoverable.