Test F1: Williams focuses attention on the first day of the test, sebastian Vettel is the fastest


Six drivers
officers and four testers were present today in Barcelona

to test the ten teams present at the track. To Rosberg,
Vettel, Ricciardo, Button,
Grosjean and Wehrlein, joined Alex Lynn
with Williams, Pierre Gasly with
Toro Rosso, Esteban Ocon with Renault and
Alfonso Celis with
Force India.

Several were the
news that the equipment used in the day today, with the
spoilers front and rear
Williams as the main focus of
Alex Lynn rolled with some unique spoilers that had
as objective to simulate the downforce levels that are
they will get in 2017
as a consequence of the change of regulation. Such
spoilers are illegal, and, therefore, not be used in competition,
but it does offer a good measure of what loads you will need to support the
car and the tyres in the coming year.

Renault, for its
tested the new specification of his thrust unit,
if it gives the desired results during these two days, will be
premiered in competition at the next
Monaco grand Prix, something
that Red Bull is claiming your partner biker.

In the case of Haas,
the main goal of the day went by
test the new chassis
that Romain Grosjean will use in the next races
, after having
found irregularities in the way it was used until the

Button, the more
fast in the morning

Mclaren, no novelty in any test in which in Honda terms, focused
in the evaluation, aerodynamics, especially the new spoiler
Jenson Button took advantage of a set of tyres
superblandos to first time to get the best time of the
morning session
, in which Sebastian Vettel was second. The team
Maranello is focused on
understand and solve problems that
had in the qualifying session of the Saturday
, in which the
car performed well below what he did in the workouts
free and, subsequently, in the race.

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In the third place
Nico Rosberg, very far from the lap times of Button and Vettel,
that shot in 1:23.7, while the
Mercedes stood in the
barrier 1:25. As did the German team in preseason,
based his work on rolling with the medium compound. Daniel Ricciardo,
for its part,
was able to prove first-hand the new Renault engine,
something that also enjoyed Esteban Ocon in the car of the own

Ferrari and Mercedes, hand-to-hand

In the last few minutes of the first hour of activity after the stop of noon, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg kept a small duel for the best time, in which the Ferrari driver won by just a tenth. Both drivers used the soft tyre in their respective laps.

After that, the teams focused on assessments in courses with medium or long, usually between ten and thirteen turns of duration. In this process, only Daniel Ricciardo is approached relatively to the times from Vettel, Rosberg and Button, leaving its mark in 1:24.307. Only Romain Grosjean broke the routine of the afternoon, placing the compound ultrablando to lack of half-hour for the final, which earned him to be placed in the fourth position as the last pilot to get rolling at 1:23. The day went off without a single incidence throughout the day, con the absence of runway excursions significant or red flags that cause the interruption of the session.

Tomorrow will be Antonio Fuoco, the recent winner at this circuit Max Verstappen, Felipe Massa, Daniil Kvyat, Esteban Gutierrez, Stoffel Vandoorne, Kevin Magnussen and Jordan King, who take on the mantle of the riders of today. Only Alfonso Celis and Esteban Ocon, who will move from Renault to Mercedes, will be repeated for the second consecutive day.

Pos. Pilot Time Dif. Turns
1 Alemania Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 01′ 23″220 0 103
2 Alemania Nico Rosberg Mercedes 01′ 23″337 +0.117 119
3 Gran Bretaña Jenson Button McLaren 01′ 23″753 +0.533 86
4 Francia Romain Grosjean Haas F1 Team 01′ 23″882 +0.662 96
5 Alemania Pascal Wehrlein Manor F1 01′ 24″297 +1.077 86
6 Australia Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 01′ 24″307 +1.087 89
7 España Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 01′ 24″821 +1.601 78
8 MéxicoAlfonso Celis Force India 01′ 25″467 +2.247 99
9 Finlandia Alex Lynn Williams 01′ 26″071 +2.851 86
10 Francia Esteban Ocon Renault 01′ 26″530 +3.310 105