Test Fiat 500X 1.4 MultiAir 4×2 DCCT: equipment and findings

In the third part we will briefly examine the equipment and options on the Fiat 500X. As previously indicated, there are versions more “urban” and other more “free range”. In the first group are the 500X Pop, Pop Star and Lounge; in the second the Cross and the Cross-Plus (like our test unit). It is a high version of range, although the price is not exaggerated, almost 22.900 euros applying the promotional discount of 3.460 euros. This price can be improved by funding or delivering the car to change.

premium automatic on the 500X Cross-Plus 1.4 MultiAir 140 CV is 1,700 euros, starts to be a lot of money. Called more attention to the price difference between the 500X Lounge (the more equipped “asphalt”) and the 500X Cross-Plus, up to 890 euros more, and that the discounts are not the same. Is a car of whim and with these assumptions in place prices.

The jump in price is more pronounced when you choose the all-wheel drive, the automatic change, and the engine 170 HP; go together indissolubly. That climbs to 25.220 euros, although if you choose less fitted, by the Cross is shooting for 90 euros less than the version tested with more power, automatic and all-wheel drive. Each one choose what best suits you.


The unit tests have some extras, like leather seats with settings-electric

One of the equipment that is most interesting of the car is the system UConnect Live with screen of 6.5 inches, multimedia, navigator, built-in phone, a connection to the Internet and a native application for listening to Internet radio (if the phone is compatible), read recent news or to drive more economically. Compared to other versions of the system works well and fast, and understands a few commands, your live voice. What does not have is a “store” of applications.

app eco:Drive monitors the driving style (acceleration, braking, speed and change), and gives suggestions to reduce spending. If is always carried out in light green, really the car consumes less than usual. The data driving can be send to the cloud for later analysis or stored in the USB disk.

is Also connected with Twitter and Facebook

More interesting that the social networks I find the help function, which can show the driver, in a few touches of the screen what is the meaning of that witness that has gone on in the board, in the case that your laziness will prevent to open the instruction manual. The car also warns you of maintenance intervals and what is left for the next revision.


The screen of the UConnect is very well located, although sometimes it’s hard to read it if affects a lot of sunlight

The rear parking camera is another equipment useful, but it comes of series, 100 euros. Looks very good day, but at night or there is very good ambient lighting or the image is generated with a lot of noise of the sensor, since that greatly increases the light sensitivity (ISO) of the same. It is also available for the UConnect lower screen, the 5.5″.

The function of navigation features traffic information of TomTom Live. This allows to detect problems in path much more effectively than relying only on the news bulletins of traffic, the DGT/SCT, which only alert you of problems more fat and not always while they are producing. This system is much more reliable, unless you do not have data on specific areas; TomTom says it covers 99% of roads.

There are models more connected in the segment like the Renault Capture, which has more apps, and “store” to to put many others. The 500X is located on a mid/high level in connectivity and possibilities are concerned, and those that have a mobile high-end will miss the combination with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. has neither the one nor the other.


The automatic in this car is very expensive. For 700 euros less we can take the diesel 120 HP, yes, with manual switch

A quick look at the equipment

The range of “asphalt” comes with the Look Urban, with most parts painted in body color and with less frills SUV. The basic level is the Pop, that already comes with air conditioning, multimedia system with steering wheel controls, cruise control without radar, electric windows, provision of basic security, etc ..

The details of the interior and colors change from one finish to another

Pop Star adds alloy wheels 17″, touch screen of 5.5″, Bluetooth, steering wheel and gearshift knob in leather, fog lamps with illumination function in curve and rear-view mirrors of body color instead of black color.

More generous is the Lounge, price difference apart, with the wheels 18″, xenon headlamps, climate control bizona, tablet with screen 3.5″ LCD, UConnect system more complete, browser, parking sensors, keyless entry and start, armrest-front, tinted windows, chrome elements, exterior, etc


For those who think “stain shoes” once in a while you will need to choose tires M+S, which greatly enhance the motor skills

If you want awd or aspect todocamino, we have to choose one of the two Look Cross. The Cross comes with wheels 17″, traction control improved, tinted windows, exhaust outlet bright type, trapezoidal, protections, lower, inserts, plastic, black, logo in satin chrome, roof rails and some chrome-plated parts. This is equivalent to the Pop Star.

Cross-Plus raises the tire up to 18 inches, and there are several designs to choose from if we do not like this unit, which are optional. Equals in the workforce at the Lounge “asphaltic”. Both this and the Cross have more surfaces of the interior finish type brushed aluminum, as well as the insertion central in color grey instead of body color.

There are that play with the configurator to see all the combinations

In the two cases there are some details hidden with taste of Jeep, as the bottom of the chest central, which has a map of Melfi (where is the factory) embossed surface and rubbery. Obviously, the Jeep Renegade there are more details of that kind, that Jeep is a brand that is much more oriented to the world of off-roader and Fiat has no tradition in that sense.


The Look Cross incorporates the usual defenses of black plastic that highlight the wheel arches and bring you closer to the world of 4×4, even though it is visually

by way of conclusion, there is a 500X suitable for a very broad spectrum of people, although those who prefer a B-SUV more comfortable you will need to look at other alternatives or equip tires less “reshulonas” and with more tyre profile. One thing is clear, it will be a purchase with a personality, they are not seen as much as other models in its category on the roads.